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Re: [DS-discuss] Re: debian and rms

From: Ramanan Selvaratnam
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss] Re: debian and rms
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 15:51:31 +0100
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Oops, apologies for the avalanche of mails (not helped by the prevalent delay in mail delivery to the list).

Raman.P wrote:

This whole demo-schools project is turning to be
totally useless

That would be a shame. It has immense potential IMHO.

and yet another fs vs oss kind of
Do not know about OSS related discussions but as the project proclaims to adopt the GFDL and the first book I have volunteered to help with seems caught up in some Debian vs FSF legality it is fair the underlying issues are discussed. Thanks to the discussion with Rahul I learnt a lot.

What I have done now is to join the address@hidden author's list and would like to discuss as much as possible any concerns re: DebGuide's suitability for address@hidden Anyone wishing to discuss the issues with licenses or more importantly the content please pop over to the other list. Private mails are also welcome.

I didn't see a single effort being made to contact
schools/colleges and seek permission but too many dry
philosophy being talked about. I think there are
hundreds of other lists available where this kind of
discussion can be carried.

Be practical, try to arrange for talk/demo/seminar and
motivate children/students in real life and not in
The current status of 'Planning' for address@hidden probably is suitable then.
From my understandings it is great that some of you have already ventured into schools and doen some rela ground work.

We better close this project if we can't do to

Oh please don't. Not when all the useful and wonderful free software are maturing into stable products.

atleaset one demo a month. Let us not think about
whole world, be confined to our neighbourhood

I appreciate your practical thinking and wish I can be of more help from my physical location (thousands of miles away).

children, and do some real contribution to software

I quote from a master
'The most useful thing (one can do in lists like this at planning stages)

is to steer the list towards solutions that
respect users' freedom, rather than solutions that don't.  For
instance, raising issues of freedom when others discuss an issue
without regard to freedom as a goal.'


Best wishes,


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