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[DS-discuss] Demoing educational software at ECAP

From: Frederick Noronha (FN)
Subject: [DS-discuss] Demoing educational software at ECAP
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 02:33:16 +0530 (IST)

Some of us volunteers are trying to arrange demos of educational software 
at ECAP Panjim. Shruti is working to understand the potential of FreEDUC.

(For those outside Goa, the ECAP is the Exhibition of Computers and Allied 
Products, held in India's smallest state. Our local GNU/Linux network is 
having a presence there... and, among other things, hoping to showcase 
educational software in a state where computer usage is expanding among 
school and college students, particularly the latter, significantly. It 
is held in the state-capital of this former Portuguese-colony and 
current tourist-destination Panjim on Sept 13-14.))

In this context, could anyone kindly let us know 

o What are the most useful software to demo using FreEDUC?
o What are the bugs in any of the FreEDUC softwares?

Specific queries:

o What's bump&jump about? Is it just music for small kids?
o Does anyone know how xscavenger works?
o The FreEDUC dictionary doesn't seem to be working...
o One of the programs, referred to as grass5-tcltk on
  FreEDUC doesn't seem to open.
o GNU-Solfegio 1.4.8 is a bit difficult to understand.
  Have any music buffs tried it out?
o Three programs seem to be available only in French.
  Any idea of equivalents in English -- xem acidelph,
  mechanics and optics.
o We were wondering how Geomview 1.8.1 works. Any suitable
  URL that explains? 

Thanks for any help you might be able to give. FN
Frederick Noronha (FN)        |
Freelance Journalist          |     | |
T: 0091.832.2409490 or 2409783 M: 0 9822 122436

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