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[DS-discuss] funds (was: Re: [Ilugc] LDD - posters & logo design)

From: Suraj
Subject: [DS-discuss] funds (was: Re: [Ilugc] LDD - posters & logo design)
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 23:28:13 -0700
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[Cross Posted: demo-schools added to CC]

Just now happened to read this thread. 

To those who  aren't on address@hidden mailing list:  I was (am) holding
address@hidden'  funds  (Rs.5000/-). Before  I left chennai I thought of
quickly giving  it over  to Bharathi. This  was also discussed  on the
list, but unfortunately  because of my very tight  / hectic schedule I
wasn't able to do so.

If address@hidden members  have no objections, I think  this fund can be
used for  LDD. As  long as  you guys think  LDD wont  discuss non-free
software / encourage non-free software,  I think this fund can be used
for LDD's CD making, etc.,.

I'm in the process of obtaining  a cheque book from my bank in Chennai
and  as soon  as its  done,  I will  transfer this  money to  Bharathi


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