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[DS-discuss] address@hidden

From: Bharathi S
Subject: [DS-discuss] address@hidden
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:58:59 +0530 (IST)

Hello All,

[ Already posted in ILUGC List ]

>From Mr Saravanan(Member, ILUGC) of Lucas TVS:-

> I m request for LucasTVS, not for public, the target audience is our
> employees and employee's family, in Padi plant (near Anna Nagar)  
> around 2000 people are working, every year we are conducting some
> exhibition about some specific titles, this year I try to arrange
> open source/Linux topics, now we are planning to migrate Linux
> (client side and server side) and we are planning to develop new
> project on open source, and now we are waiting for Policy level
> approval from our top management for migrating to open source
> software, As a corporate view still they don't have confidence on
> Open Source/FSF/Linux, bcaz they to don't awareness of Linux. This
> is an opportunity to prove the confidence to corporate sector ....

This is the idea behind address@hidden Factory !!!!

DATE : Nov 8th (Sat) and 9th (Sun) @ Lucas TVS

TVS Lucas willing to provide following :

1. 15 Machines, Projector, etc ...
2. 2 AC Hall
3. Food for volunteers :)

Suggested topics for the Demo :-

- Network Security - IP Tables

- Anjuta C/C++ IDE
- Eclipse Java IDE
- Postgres - php - Apache
- Samba

- Linux Introduction
- Open Office
- Wine
- VMWare (*)
- VNC (*)

-  Educational Software
-  Games

- Audio & Video Players, Editor
- Movie Player
- TV Tuner Card Demo (*)
- Graphics
- Video conferencing (LAN) (*)

Engineering (*)
- FEA (Ansys)
- Embedded Systems
- DWG Viewer (Autocad View)
- CAD Software

Internet Browsing
- Hands on Experience (Open Learning)

Mr Saravanan and Mr Suresh of Lucas-TVS will help 
us to co-ordinates this event.

Already few(5) of ILUGC members are volunteered for 
this event during the last meet. Still we need few(10)
volunteers. R U Ready? :)

Bye :)
Bharathi S, IndLinuX Team,   (__)
DON Lab,    TeNeT Group,     oo )
IIT-Madras, Chennai-INDIA.   (_/\ 

"Security with obscurity is good, relying
 on security through obscurity is bad." -- Brian

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