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[DS-discuss] GNU/Linux software for education

From: Frederick Noronha (FN)
Subject: [DS-discuss] GNU/Linux software for education
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 12:45:53 +0530 (IST)

This list was put together by a Spanish volunter supporting the Goa Schools Computer Project. Your inputs and suggestions are welcome. Please send a copy to address@hidden -- FN
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hi! Here there is a list of linux educational software that I think will be useful in the schools. I downloaded already some of this packages, in tar.gzip format. The thing is that I do not manage to compile them in the schools. So please if someone (this goes for Anil seth and Ashley) can find and download the RPM will be really appreciated. Another problem is that different schools have different distributions of linux. I really need this RPM for Mandrake9 (in olps). For mandrake10 will be important to have them in one month, because is the system we are going to install in Siolim Supercomplex (4-5 schools). Red-hat 7.2 is running in chorao and hcs. So, find what you can. Also windows software can be useful, if you know something or have something please put it together.

The list:

This list of software is from

BKchem is a chemical drawing program written in Python. It is platform independent

Chemtool is a GTK+-based 2D chemical structure editor for X11. It draws organic molecules easily and store them as a X bitmap file. You can export drawings in XFig format for further annotation, or as Postscript files (using xfig's companion program transfig). The distribution includes a set of sample molecular structure drawings.

E-Cell System is an object-oriented software suite for modelling, simulation, and analysis of large scale complex systems such as biological cells. It allows many components, driven by multiple algorithms with different timescales, to coexist. The core library is written in C++ with a Python binding, and frontend software uses Python.

'GenChemLab' is an OpenGL-based application intended to simulate several common general chemistry laboratory exercises. It is meant to be used to help students prepare for actual lab experience. Supported experiments include titration, calorimetry, freezing point depression, vapor pressure, electrochemistry, and spectrophotometry

Earth3D visualizes the earth in realtime in a 3D view. You can rotate and zoom the view until countries, cities and even single houses become visible (in areas where the necessary map resolution is available), and fly around. You can also embed external data like current earthquake positions or cloud data. Additional data layers can be added to the view, e.g. country flags and names.

Xrmap interactively displays portions of the Earth, using the huge CIA world vector map. It is based on an earlier console utility 'rmap' by Reza Naima ( It shows political boundaries, major and minor rivers, glaciers, lakes, canals, etc. The map is accurate to a very large zoom factor (possibly exceeding 100). Spherical, rectangular, Mercator and Miller projections are implemented, and all features can be set interactively from the GUI.

Calcoo is a scientific calculator designed to provide maximum usability. Its features bitmapped button labels and display digits to improve readability, no double-function buttons, undo/redo buttons, copy/paste interaction with the X clipboard, both RPN and algebraic modes, two memory registers with displays, displays for Y, Z, and T registers, and tick marks to separate thousands.

Dr. Genius Refers to Geometric Exploration and Numeric Intuitive User System. It is a merge of two projects: Dr. Geo and the Genius calculator. The Genius Calculator is a multiple precision calculator with an interpreted language, GEL, plus a large mathematical library written in GEL. Dr. Geo is a vector drawing software with mathematical constraints- we call this "interactive geometry."

Lets user draw geometric figures based on mathematical properties and move part of that figure with respect to its properties. Dr. Geo is an educational package designed to explore geometry interactively (as opposed to seeing figures drawn on a sheet of paper). The interface is simple but efficient for younger users, can handle different languages, and can be used by either geometry or computer science teachers.

The player has 16 cards with numbers. An operation is displayed on a small screen at the right of the board. You have to click on the right answer on the board. The card with the answer disappears. Kalcul supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are 3 levels: easy, medium and hard.

Spotter lets students check their answers to math and science questions. It tells whether the answer is correct, and can also help diagnose an incorrect answer; the instructor can also add hints. Spotter isn't limited to numerical problems. For instance, if the problem is to solve the equation x-b-7a=0 for x, the student can type in either b+7a or 7a+b as the answer, and the program will know it's correct. Spotter is set up as an interactive web page that you can access through any computer that has an internet connection and a web browser.

Tux Math Scrabble is a math version of the popular board game. It is highly entertaining as well as great educational value. The game challenges young people to construct compound equations and consider multiple abstract possibilities. There are three skill-levels for practice from basic addition and subtraction through to multiplication and division.

WIMS (WWW Interactive Mathematics Server) is a CGI Web application that hosts interactive mathematical activities such as exercises, computational math, and graphing tools. It features automatic score processing with strong anti-cheating mechanisms, virtual classes allowing teachers to guide/control student works, online exercise creation, animated graphics, a message board allowing inline mathematical formulas, and more. It can also be used for education within other disciplines.

GCompris is a complete educational suite for children from 2 to 10. It includes more than 40 activities. It is board-based and currently includes several boards. It offers activities dedicated to little kids like learning the mouse and keybord. It teaches letters, numbers, words, basic algebra training, reading time on an analog clock, vector drawing, and much more.

'JILetters' assists young children with learning the Western alphabet through visual and auditory means. It uses a phonic representation of each letter and cursive script to present the letters of the alphabet. It lets children memorise letters from visual cues.

The Vocabumonkey project aims to produce a highly accessible collection of software focused on math and language skills grounded in proven learning principles that cater to real learning needs.


Here there is other names of interesting packages, but I do not have the web:






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