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Re: [dev-serveez] Patch for using Guile

From: stefan
Subject: Re: [dev-serveez] Patch for using Guile
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 16:08:40 +0100 (CET)

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Martin Grabmueller wrote:

> I already mentioned my hack at using Guile for the config file.  Now
> Raimi told me that he wanted to play with that, so here's a diff for
> what I did to get the stuff running (without much functionality yet,
> of course!).  Have a look for educational purposes.

Great! Thank you for this patch. But: I would like to test my port to
Win32. Therefore I would like you to write a simple `example.c' which
uses Guile to parse a file including the some functionality.

I have ported the libguile to MinGW32 and MSVC. Both are dynamic link
libraries. But i would like to verify if it works or not.

I would like to release version 0.0.20 of Serveez in the next few days.
That's why i think we postpone switching to Guile to a later version.

Moreover I would like to determine how Serveez will be build then. My
suggestion is to rely on a installed Guile using guile-config
(mgrabmue?) to find out linker and compiler flags. On Win32 we do the
same. I will just provide the binaries.

Another question is: Is Guile known to run and compile on other systems
than GNU/Linux and Windows ? I mean Serveez loses portability if not. But
I guess everything able to work on Win32 will be able to run on *all*
Unices ? 

To the "switch" steps:
1. Define a new syntax for instantiating servers.

What syntax do we want ? I would like to have something *very* similiar to
the old syntax with Sizzle. As I noticed that is not possible because
Guile does not have a hash syntax. So what syntax do we actually use ? I
would like you to paste here something appropriate: What will replace

;; Definition of a fake ident server.
(define fakeident-server1 '#{
                             "port" => #{
                                         "proto"  => "tcp"
                                         "port"   => 113
                                         "ipaddr" => "*"
                             "systemtype" => "UNIX"
                             "username"   => "supa-raimi"
Paste it here...

And what will replace this:

(if have-win32
    (println "* This is the Win32 port, good luck."))
(set! serveez-pass "secret")
(primitive-load "otherfile.cfg")
Paste it here...

Can this achieved with the current release of libguile (1.4) with the core
functionality only (Win32 port) ? 

2. Implement the instantiating procedures in C.
   (this requires more changes. 'bind_server' becomes 'add_server'.

That is quite some work. But i think mgrabme made a start. As noted above
i would really like mgrabmue to write a little test program...

3. Adapt raimi's config magic to Guile (copying in/out of values).

Mgrabmue demonstrated this in his patch i guess !?!

4. If supporting older versions of Guile, we'll need to wrap the
   main() function, because Guile expects that.  (I've been using a
   current CVS Guile)

What do you mean by older version ?

Thanks for your efforts so far, MGrabMue,

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