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Re: [dev-serveez] Re: [Serveez-discuss] Time to think.

From: stefan
Subject: Re: [dev-serveez] Re: [Serveez-discuss] Time to think.
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 23:25:23 +0100 (CET)

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Martin Grabmueller wrote:

> Can you post a short overview of what was necessary to port Guile?
> Maybe I can then tell you more how likely the changes will go into the
> distro.

Hereby I send you the requested overview:

 * do not change readline's in- and output stream
 * choose native Win32 api for waiting for input events instead of select()
 * define something like GUILE_API to identify exported functions
 * maybe use __int64 instead of long long
 * replace ftruncate() and truncate() by chsize()
 * access checking for file descriptors has to be changed (fcntl)
 * startup and cleanup Winsock API
 * use Winsock API instead of standard unix networking (different headers)
 * check signal names and drop the use of alarm()
 * use raise() instead of kill (getpid ())
 * change libtool's build process for DLLs

That was all I changed for version 1.4 of Guile. Then I could configure
Guile like:

./configure --disable-posix --enable-regex --disable-debug-malloc \
            --disable-debug-freelist --with-modules --enable-guile-debug \
            --without-threads --enable-ltdl-convenience \
            --cache-file=config.cache --prefix=/mingw

As you know porting of some posix function is possible (yo might have
seen the changes in sizzle) but not all of the posix api in Guile. That's
why I disabled it. Everything else is straight forward and possible.


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