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[dev-serveez] Embedding Serveez

From: stefan
Subject: [dev-serveez] Embedding Serveez
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 23:28:53 +0200 (CEST)


please have a look at: <>

SWIG is compiler that connects C and C++ with a variety of scripting
languages including Perl, Python, Tcl, Guile, and Ruby. People often
use it to create scripting language extensions or to create interpreted  
environments for existing software.

Since we were using this software at my work office to embed a bigger 3D
C++ API into python with really good results I thought it could be a good
idea to do the same with the core library of Serveez once we released
0.1.0... This would also allow Serveez servers/coservers in Guile :-)

Another option might be to use the JNI to use it with Java...

Any opinions ?


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