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[dev-serveez] serveezopt

From: stefan
Subject: [dev-serveez] serveezopt
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001 20:39:37 +0200 (CEST)

  The serveezopt package can now be accessed via CVS from
(like the GNU serveez package). Now, it contains the Quake3 license server
and two embedding examples for both C and Guile.

  The Guile code is created by SWIG. A small example shows how it
basically works (type `make check'). Actually I want to export all the
svz_ API to Guile. Martin: What kinds of structures/classes syntax exist
in Guile ?

  I am especially happy about the package has been portable to
Windows without any changes. The project and workspace files have been
created and tested. The smaller examples behave as expected.


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