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[dev-serveez] mandelbrot fractal server

From: stefan
Subject: [dev-serveez] mandelbrot fractal server
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 19:02:06 +0100 (CET)

Hello Serveez'ers,

  after some hacking with Raimi we got a working Guile server example
which is kind of more complex than `echo' and `eval'.  Both the mandel
server and client are completely written in Guile with the help of the
Serveez core API.
  I added a new directory in the CVS.  In the `src/guile-server' directory
I put all Guile server examples so far.

  Raimi: I made some changes to the existing source when we finished up.
Now you can Ctrl-C the client and reconnect.  The server will not be
confused.  I corrected the iterate formula.  Now there no more need for a
constant palette.  It gets generated on the fly.  Also there is a new
configuration item specifying the viewer command (by default:  "xv").
When finalizing the server starts it with the output file's name as first
argument.  Furthermore we have (svz:sock:final-print) and (serveez-nuke).
See the documentation for the details.

  The attachment contains a mandel-server-generated fractal.

  Martin: Thank you for replying to my previous questions about the style.
Your small example explained the basic concept of named lets and let in
general.  Thus we were able to write the "Distributed Number Cruncher",
namely Mandelbrot server.

  There are still unsolved questions:

 * Why do the server/client not use all of your cpu's ?
 * Shall we allow the client module to connect more than once
 * Is the Guile server concept totally broken? Or why is it soo slow?

Any comments and hints are welcome,

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