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Re: [dev-serveez] ideas

From: stefan
Subject: Re: [dev-serveez] ideas
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 17:51:13 +0100 (CET)

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001, Raimund 'Raimi' Jacob wrote:

> this is an idea-only email to remind Stefan :-)
> 1) solaris linker problem
>  easiest way to solve is to remove -liberty in the LIBS of
>  libserveez. this should do the job. if this doesnt work
>  due to other dependencies: add `gcc --print-libgcc-file-name`
>  if we're on solaris, shared libserveez and have a gcc.

I tried to solve this problem within `'.  We cannot remove the
-liberty dependency from libserveez in general.  IRIX gets strsignal()
from -liberty inside libserveez.  Raimi: Could you test my effort ?

> 2) named-interface binding
>  try to SO_BINDTODEVICE. if that works provide it in portcfg.
>  perhaps user can choose between "ipaddr" and "device".

Basically good idea.  It is just addon.  We can implement it when time
comes by.

> 3) allow IPADDR_ANY again :-)
>  enable as (ipaddr . "*") but provide current behavior with
>  (ipaddr . all). this introduces 4)
> 4) allow mix of "*" and special ip addresses
>  when both a bind to "*" and a bind to a special ip address occur the
>  actual bind has to be done to "*". when a connection is attempted the
>  server ip address has to be examined and the correct server(s) have to
>  be queried. start with the more special one.
>  test what happens when "*" and special bindings are used together.

This much more complicated.  We would need a `portcfg-matcher' (verifies
if an ip/port combination matches another), a `array-joiner' (joins the
server array bound to an existing listener to a more general listener;
this would be necessary if we want to bind immediately and need to check
for matching portcfgs) and a connection between a server instance, a
special portcfg and the listener socket it is finally bound to (that is
because then a portcfg does not identify a listener socket uniquely).
Furthermore we need a runtime check if we accept a connection or packet on
a listener if the servers bound to it where bound by an IPADDR_ANY or a
special ip address portcfg and need to filter these.

Did I forget anything?  Seems a bit unsorted.  Did anyone understand?  I
would be happy if Raimi would reorder everything a bit...

Thanks in advance,

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