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[dev-serveez] sparc32 cross compilation

From: Raimund 'Raimi' Jacob
Subject: [dev-serveez] sparc32 cross compilation
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 23:53:11 +0100 (CET)


we did it ! :-)

with the help of stefan we managed to actually compile a cross compiler
for sparc32-linux. take note:
- configure gcc with absolute pathnames
- delete old/broken cross-gcc (collect2 uses it by accident later)
- libiberty compilation fails due to configure/Makefile stupidity in
  gcc. can be fixed when occurs.
- read the f**** tutorials: is a linker script redirecting
  libc lookups to /lib/ grrr. must be fixed in
- <library name>: Cannot read symbols: Invalid Operation (or something)
  means: "tried to link against host-library". even the crosscompiler
  has "/lib" and "/usr/lib" (of the host!) in its searchpath.
- when copying libraries from the target to the host (say,
  e.g.: libguile), be sure to edit *.la. those contain absolute
  library paths. anyway, that just causes a warning (by libtool)...

okay, we managed to get the current cvs serveez cross-compiled from

- bigendianes of target cannot be detected (so are the sizes of the
  types). configure once and edit config.cache. set to correct
  values. configure again with same parameters.

- "guile-config" is invoked (and the result used) even when
  --with-guile=dir is given on command line. this is considered
  to be a bug and is going to be fixed. for testing i had to
  disable my host-system guile-config

- make; make install runs fine. serveez-config emits wrong paths, of
  course (unless host and target share the same file system (structure)).

mmmh... i like cross compiling so far :-)
well... no, i dont: in some cases it's hard to tell when host-specific
stuff is used. it doesnt really matter in many cases, for example when
header files for the same version of a library are used (say X
headers). for my case it's even less a problem since both machines run
linux, so the /proc file system (for example) looks the same. i dont even
want to imagine cross-compilation for completely different platforms (say
VMS for Win32 :-)


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