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[dev-serveez] Hi <firstname>, You Need To Act Fast To Earn Fast!

From: Ivy Cabahug
Subject: [dev-serveez] Hi <firstname>, You Need To Act Fast To Earn Fast!
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 21:17:39 +0800

Hi <firstname>,
 This is Ivy your tour guide with Massive Payouts. Just drop by
to inform you that you could earn fast if you Lock in Your position 
and be a part of Massive Payout Program.
  Get your position at the top! People joining after you will be put
under you to fill your matrix. Once your $500 matrix is filled
you''''ll move on to a more high paying matrix!. Your $500 matrix
will pay for your $2,500 matrix and your $2500 matrix will pay for
your $5000 matrix all you will ever have to pay out of your pocket
is $10 for the busines. 
  You cannot find a business like that anywhere else.All we have to get
is 256 members to fill a $500 payplan matrix. And that is no matter 
who refer those person in your matrix. They could all be refered by
your uplines! Yes, you'll recieve a real spill over and you'll 
earn from those spill over! That's why we encourage you to lock 
in your position immediately before anyone else do it! Just 10 bucks 
to join! No more hidden charges!
What are you waiting for, get your position today! Let your ten bucks
works for you!
Take your Massive Pay demo tour now and join!!
  >>>  <<<
Just input your email there and login. If the link above couldn't
 be click just copy it and place to your browser.
   >>>  <<<
  Your success is our success! Let us work together and build our 
matrix now! Take care and God Bless!
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