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[dev-serveez] Private message for dev-serveez

From: Penny Gilmore
Subject: [dev-serveez] Private message for dev-serveez
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 21:13:57 -0600

Explosive St=ck Alert
Doll Technology Group Inc.
Global Manufacturer and Marketer of "Clean & Green" Products and Technology
Solutions(Source: News 12/6/05)


Price: .14

Huge PR Campaign Underway For Thursday's Trading **DTGP** Can You Make Some
Fast Money On This One?

RECENT NEWS: Go Read The Full Stories Right Now!!

1)Doll Technology Group Begins U.S. Trials of AquaBoost(TM)

2)Doll Technology Group Announces Strategic Partnership With Land and Sea 
Development to Market
BlazeTamer(TM) Fire Retardant Product- Initial Purchase Order Valued at Over 
$1.1 Million

RedBrooks Laboratory, a DTGP subsidiary, is a full service independent facility 
that tests,
qualifies and certifies all Doll Technology Group's products and services. The 
laboratory is one of
the few government certified facilities for the testing of fire suppression 
systems for the aerospace,
maritime, and general industries. (Source: News 12/2/05)

Watch This One Trade on Thursday! Radar it Right Now..

!nf0rmat!0n w!th!n th!$ ema!l c0nta!n$ 4rward l00k!ng $tatement$ w!th!n the 
mean!ng 0f $ect!0n 27A 0f the $ecur!t!e$ 
Act 0f n!neteen th!rty three and $ect!0n 21B 0f the $ecur!t!e$ Exchange Act 0f 
n!neteen th!rty f0ur. Any $tatement$ 
that expre$$ 0r !nv0lve d!$cu$$!0n$ w!th re$pect t0 pred!ct!0n$, expectat!0n$, 
bel!ef$, plan$, pr0ject!0n$, 0bject!ve$, 
g0al$, a$$umpt!0n$ 0r future event$ 0r perf0rmance are n0t $tatement$ 0f 
h!$t0r!cal fact and may be 4rward 100k!ng 
$tatement$.4rward l00k!ng $tatement$ are ba$ed 0n expectat!0n$, e$t!mate$ and 
pr0ject!0n$ at the t!me the $tatement$ 
are made that !nv0lve a number 0f r!$k$ and uncerta!nt!e$ wh!ch c0uld cau$e 
actual re$ult$ 0r event$ t0 d!ffer 
mater!ally fr0m th0$e pre$ently ant!c!pated.T0day'$ featured C0mpany !$ n0t a 
reprt!ng c0mpany under the $EC 
Act 0f 1934 and theref0re there !$ l!m!ted !nf0rmat!0n ava!lable 0n the 
c0mpany. A$ w!th many m!cr0cap $t0ck$, 
t0day'$ c0mpany ha$ d!$cl0$able mater!al !tem$ y0u need t0 c0n$!der !n 0rder t0 
make an !nf0rmed and !ntell!gent 
!n_ve$tment dec!$!0n. The$e !tem$ !nclude: A n0m!nal ca$h p0$!t!0n. !t !$ an 
0perat!ng C0mpany. The c0mpany !$ 
g0!ng t0 need f!nanc!ng. !f that f!nanc!ng d0e$ n0t 0ccur, the c0mpany may n0t 
be able t0 c0nt!nue a$ a g0!ng 
c0ncern !n wh!ch ca$e y0u c0uld l0$e y0ur ent!re !n-ve$tment.  The publ!$her 0f 
th!$ new$letter d0e$ n0t repre$ent 
that the !nf0rmat!0n c0nta!ned !n th!$ me$$age $tate$ all mater!al fact$ 0r 
d0e$ n0t 0m!t a mater!al fact nece$$ary 
t0 make the $tatement$ there!n n0t m!$lead!ng. All !nf0rmat!0n pr0v!ded w!th!n 
th!$ e_ma!l perta!n!ng t0 !n-ve$t!ng, 
$t0ck$, $ecur!t!e$ mu$t be under$t00d a$ !nf0rmat!0n pr0v!ded and n0t 
!nve$tment adv!ce. Remember a th0r0ugh due 
d!l!gence  eff0rt, !nclud!ng a rev!ew 0f a c0mpany'$ f!l!ng$ when ava!lable, 
$h0uld be c0mpleted  pr!0r t0 !n_ve$t!ng. 
The publ!$her 0f th!$ new$letter adv!$e$ all reader$ and $ub$cr!ber$ t0 $eek 
adv!ce fr0m a reg!$tered pr0fe$$!0nal 
$ecur!t!e$ repre$entat!ve bef0re dec!d!ng t0 trade !n $t=ck$ featured w!th!n 
th!$ e_ma!l. N0ne 0f the mater!al 
w!th!n th!$ rep0rt $hall be c0n$trued a$ any k!nd 0f !n_ve$tment adv!ce 0r 
$0l!c!tat!0n. Many 0f the$e c0mpan!e$ 
are 0n the verge 0f bankruptcy. Y0u can l0$e all y0ur m0ny by !nve$t!ng !n th!$ 
$t0ck. The publ!$her 0f th!$ 
new$letter !$ n0t a reg!$tered !n-ve$tment adv!$0r. $ub$cr!ber$ $h0uld n0t v!ew 
!nf0rmat!0n here!n a$ legal, tax, 
acc0unt!ng 0r !nve$tment adv!ce. !n c0mpl!ance w!th the $ecur!t!e$ Act 0f 
n!neteen th!rty three, $ect!0n 17(b),
The publ!$her 0f th!$ new$letter !$ c0ntracted t0 rece!ve twelve th0u$and 
d0llar$ fr0m a th!rd party, n0t an 0ff!cer, 
d!rect0r 0r aff!l!ate $hareh0lder f0r the c!rculat!0n 0f th!$ rep0rt. Be aware 
0f an !nherent c0nfl!ct 0f !ntere$t 
re$ult!ng fr0m $uch c0mpen$at!0n due t0 the fact that th!$ !$ a pa!d 
advert!$ement and !$ n0t w!th0ut b!a$.The 
party that pay$ u$ ha$ a p0$!t!0n !n the $t0ck they w!ll $ell at any t!me 
w!th0ut n0t!ce. Th!$ c0uld have a 
negat!ve !mpact 0n the pr!ce 0f the $t0ck, cau$!ng y0u t0 l0$e m0ny.The!r 
!ntent!0n !$ t0 $ell n0w.All factual 
!nf0rmat!0n !n th!$ rep0rt wa$ gathered fr0m publ!c $0urce$,!nclud!ng but n0t 
l!m!ted t0  C0mpany Pre$$ Relea$e$. 
U$e 0f the !nf0rmat!0n !n th!$ ema!l c0n$t!tute$ y0ur acceptance 0f the$e term$.

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