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[dev-serveez] Re[20]:

From: Green Tara
Subject: [dev-serveez] Re[20]:
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 11:48:38 -0000

This One is Strong UP 0.50 (28.57%) Jan 9th Alone
Huge PR Campaign Running for Tuesday Jan 10th
We expect explosive growth thru Friday

Infinex Ventures Inc. (IFNX)

Current Price: 2.25 UP 0.50 (28.57%)



Aggressive and energetic, Infinex boasts a dynamic and diversified portfolio of 
across North America, with an eye on international expansion.

Grounded in natural resource exploration, Inifinex also offers investors access 
to exciting
new developments in the high-tech sector and the booming international real 
estate market.
Our market based experience, tenacious research techniques, and
razor sharp analytical skills allow us to leverage opportunities in emerging 
markets and
developing technologies.

Identifying these opportunities in the earliest stages allows us to accelerate 
development and fully realize the companyЎ┬Žs true potential. Maximizing 
profitability and in turn enhancing shareholder value.

Current Press Release

Infinex Ventures Inc. (IFNX - News) is pleased to announce the appointment of 
Mr. Stefano Masullo,
to its Board of Directors.

Mr. Michael De Rosa the President says, "Mr. Masullo's varied background in 
engineering and economics, as well as his experience of over 10 years as a 
Board member
of a vast number of International companies, will make him a valuable
addition to the Infinex Board. His appointment will show our commitment to the 
engineering and business structure of our Company."
Mr. Masullo attended the University of Luigi Bocconi, in Milan Italy, where he 
in industrial, economic and financial sciences. Mr. Masullo first began his 
well rounded
career during one of his years at University (1986-1987), where
he assisted the Director of Faculty of Finance in finance and investment.

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