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[dev-serveez] re: ATTENTION - Inv News

From: Hazel Sellers
Subject: [dev-serveez] re: ATTENTION - Inv News
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 4:34:47 -0060

Further Increase In Tourist Numbers Expected with Completion of the Western 3rd 
City Highway, Connecting to Qin E-Pang Palace

Company: Dark Dynamite Inc.
Symbol: DKDY
Thursday Close: $1.86
Short Term: $2.25 - $2.50
Note: New Press Release
Indi cator: S T R O N G   B U Y 

DKDY seems to be catching all the breaks. With the announcement of their new 
Banquets, Dance and Cultural show begining in April 2006, and now with the 
a new High Way will be completed reducing drive time and ease for tourists to 
reach the 

This is expected to increase the number of visitors due to convenience of 
access to the 
park, and thus increase annual revenues even further.

The last few days for Dark Dynamite INc. (DKDY) have been exciting. With large 
in volume and price jumps to $2.10 from the last news release, we expect we 
have not seen 
the last of it with this new info coming to the table.

Members we are puting DKDY on the watch list again for tomorrow. This company 
has really 
sparked our interest as not only an exciting day trade but an excelent long 
investment as well.

For those of you who got in at the end of the day when the price dipped, 
for those of you who didn't, get on it first thing before the price jumps again 
over $2.00.

Just read the news and see for yourself the promising future we see for DKDY

The News:

XI'AN, China, Jan. 4 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Dark Dynamite Inc. (OTC Bulletin 
Board: DKDY) 
(''DDI'') announces that the construction of the Western 3rd Round City Highway 
(the ''3rd 
Highway'') in Xi'an is expected to be completed in early 2006. The completed 
3rd Highway is 
expected to bring in more tourists to the Theme Park of the Qin E-Pang Palace 
(''E-Pang Palace'').

The 3rd Highway is invested in by the Xi'an Government, with a total investment 
of RMB500 
million (equal to US$61.7 million). The total length of the 3rd Highway is 
18.42 km, which 
includes 7 large crossroads and 2 bridges. The 3rd Highway is expected to be 
completed early 
2006, and to be opened free of charge. After the completion of the 3rd Round 
City Highway, 
traveling time between the city center and the Theme Park of E-pang Palace will 
be reduced 
from 30 minutes to around 20 minutes, thus greatly benefiting tourists for 
traveling to the 
E-Pang Palace, as well as promoting the attractiveness of the E-Pang Palace for 

Since the is Theme Park located at the centre of many historic sites of Xi'an 
city, such as 
the famous Emperor Qin's Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, the Mausoleum 
of Emperor 
Qin, Huaqing Hot-springs, and Fa'men Temple. After the completion of the 3rd 
tourists will have easy access to the Theme Park while visiting other 
historical sites. 
The Theme Park is estimated to become one of the main tourism destinations 
among travel 
agencies due to its distinctive Qin cultural palaces and convenient traffic 
which is estimated to bring an extra 10,000 tourists, as well as an increase in 

The Xi'an tourism market saw 650,000 overseas tourists, and 20.84 million 
domestic tourists 
traveling to Xi'an in 2004, with increase rates of 93% and 29.1% respectively 
comparing with 
those of the previous year. The total revenue of the Xi'an tourism industry was 
RMB15.44 billion (equal to US$1.9 billion) in 2004, which includes foreign 
exchange of 
US$330 million, with respective increase rates of 45.1% and 130%.

DKDY, thats our pick.

Good Trading Members

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