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[dev-serveez] Intending Partner

From: Kaginba Davidson
Subject: [dev-serveez] Intending Partner
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 12:54:59 -0500

From The Desk of Kaginba Davidson 
Zambia Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources. 
Kaunda Secretariat Complex, 
Lusaka - Zambia 
Email: address@hidden

Dear Intending Partner,

I am Kaginba Davidson. I have been nominated to front for a Group of high 
ranking officers of the Zambian civil Service in a deal of mutual benefit to 
all involved. Please I write to know if you could assist my Contacts in 
handling the transfer of huge funds in United States dollar currency 
denomination to a safe Bank account in your country. 

There is a reform in the banking industry of my Country and they will not be 
possible to deposit huge Amounts in any bank account in our country. The code 
of conduct of the civil service forbids the opening of domiciliary accounts for 
active civil servants. 

My contacts have identified an over inflated sum of Money in U.S dollars from 
Contracts awarded to a Chinese company. The Chinese company has executed the 
Contract and has been paid but the inflated sum is what my contacts want to 
transfer to a foreign bank Account since it has become difficult for them to 
Deposit it into any bank account in Zambia. 

Please I seek your partnership and trust in assisting My contacts to transfer 
the money to any safe bank Account that you will provide from where the funds 
Will be applied for gainful investment opportunities As you may advise until 
they are able to take control and possession of their share of the funds. My 
Contacts have made all arrangements on how
the fund {US$30.5 million} will be secured and transfer Effected to the bank 
account that you will provide. 

The entire transaction has been arranged to occur within a limited time circle 
and there is nothing to worry about, as everything has been planned to be 
totally risk-free and hitch-free. 

Your consent to render a dedicated assistance and Partnership will 
automatically result in you securing 30% of the fund as your share for your 
assistance and A further 30% on profits from any investment under your 

Kindly return to me via my email address and I will brief you of the modalities 
set up by my contacts to successfully effect the transfer to your account 
within a limited time frame.

I will look forward to receiving your response. 

Yours faithfully, 
Kaginba Davidson.

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