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[dev-serveez] (no subject)

From: From Martinez Ross
Subject: [dev-serveez] (no subject)
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 16:41:57 -0300
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Good day, 
You will be surprised to read from me, but please consider this letter as a
genuine request from me though we have not met but we can both benefit
mutually.  Firstly, I must introduce myself. I am Martinez Ross. A Director
with Equity Securities (Europe). I got your contact from a business
directory here in Europe.
 We have in our custody a deposit of John Nkomo, (late) who was a wealthy
farmer and senior politician with the opposition political party Movement
for Democratic Change (MDC). (Zimbabwe) who was murdered along side with his
family under the regime of President Robert Mugabe because of his support to
the white farmers. John Nkomo was a fighter for Justice and a moving force
in The MDC, a party wanting to end the several years of brutal Dictatorship
government of President Robert Mugabe. You will read more stories about
President Mugabe's brutal acts by visiting this web site: 
John Nkomo was accused of assisting the White farmers in fighting the
government. Few weeks after his arrest, he was reported dead along side with
his family. The government claimed he died of heart attack and his body was
never seen for proper autopsy, they buried him in the government cemetery.
His associate Mr. Martin Olds a White farmer from Britain who introduced our
firm to John Nkomo was attacked and murdered in his House as well.
My reason for contacting you is for you to ACT as the Next of Kin to late
John Nkomo for the claims of a huge sum of money in the total sum of
US$12.6M [Twelve million, Six hundred Thousand United States Dollars]
En-Vault. All legal documentations are well in place for our security. 
If you are interested please contact me through my private
email:address@hidden with your contact tel & fax numbers in order
for us to discuss further. I am willing to offer 30% for your kind
Note: By the end of this year the firm will declare his (John Nkomo)
deposit as UNCLAIMED   Response, please treat this information as top
Yours truly, 
Martinez Ross.

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