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[dev-serveez] ENABLING WAR: Celebrity Christians and the real Da vinci C

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Subject: [dev-serveez] ENABLING WAR: Celebrity Christians and the real Da vinci Code
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 04:24:27 -0400 (EDT)

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345-page ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL Almost FREE (see end)
Published by Truths Press

Why Celebrity leaders accept a form of Judaism and call it "Christianity"
By Charles E. Carlson (Director of We Hold These Truths)

This study is not written to convince anyone of what Jesus said; it quotes a 
small but important part of the Christian New Testament of Jesus, explaining 
how these words have been reinterpreted to justify serial wars.  This analysis 
is important to persons of all beliefs, faiths, and races who are trying to 
understand why wars dominate our world, and why many of those who call 
themselves by Jesus Christ's name find themselves pitted in support of wars 
against other races. It is undeniable that our current wars are directed at 
Islamic populations.  We focus on one bible that is used every day as a war 

This is a re-written and abbreviated version of our more far reaching 2006 
series, "The Sheep and the Goats" Parts 1 & 2, which are drawn from a study of 
book of Matthew, chapter 25.  Your author is responding to requests that we 
more clearly prove and document the essence of popular biblical distortion 
about Heaven and Hell in the book of Matthew. Chapters 24-25, which evangelical 
believe to contain Jesus' words, are intentionally distorted by these same 
persons, both in the text and footnotes to the text in most popular bible study 

Self professed CHRISTIAN-ZIONISTS at the pulpit of mega-churches are left with 
an untenable problem. It is impossible for them to tell the truth about what 
certain New Testament Bible passages say, or even to read them, without 
contradicting their own support for wars and for the constantly warring state 
of Israel. Evangelical teaching and preaching often directly contradict that 
which Jesus taught about love and peace, and more surprisingly, celebrity 
Christian statements often directly conflict with Jesus' statements about 
Heaven and Hell. 

Church economics may be a factor in scriptural compromise. Opposition to war is 
less popular than ignoring or accepting it.  Celebrity Christian leaders may 
feel financial pressure to warp the New Testament into a wide and easy path 
interpretation, which they say points, not to Heaven and Hell, but to a "second 
coming."  Simply stated, pastors have learned they can't fill 10,000 seat 
arenas by leaning too heavily on sin, repentance and judgment as Jesus 
portrayed it in this carefully worded chapter. It is just not good for 
mega-church business.

Nor do they want to refute what is public policy at the highest levels. Some 
pastors no doubt justify compromise to choose the wide path to build their own 
empires in contrast to what Christ called the narrow path or "Strait" gate. Our 
government's public policy includes war, which has also become many churches' 

Evangelical celebrities generally believe in politically activism, and every 
politician knows it pays to be "born again." Thus an unspoken, unholy alliance 
has been created between financially successful biblical teachers on one hand, 
and politically successful politicians and businessmen who thrive on serial 
wars, on the other. The cost has been untold lives in several unholy wars in 
the 20 years.   But where to the war-accepting pastors find their scriptural 
support for war? We will examine only once example in a corrupted version of 
the book of Matthew, in one corrupted bible the Scofield Reference Bible 1967 

Oh that my adversary would write a book

The famous Scofield Reference Bible, perhaps the most powerfully promoted Bible 
ever written, is the godfather of modern bible distortion, which is now 
emulating and even exceeding in radicalism by other popular study bibles 
including the NIV Study Bible and the MacArthur Study Bible.   

Matthew 25 contains one of the most directly written and clearly self-explained 
passages on Heaven and Hell, which was once taken at face value in most 
churches. But the explanation of Matthew 25 we find so simple and straight 
forward is now rejected in almost every evangelical (Christian Zionist) church. 
And the Oxford/Scofield re-write is increasingly influential in a growing 
number of mainline churches where are members attend dispensational bible 
studies, and while there hours before celebrity-Christian media.  Members of 
most Catholic or mainline protestant church are also deeply influenced by the 
“end times controversy.

Matthew, the first book in the New Testament, contains the most outrageous 
example of added words that directly contradicts Jesus words. A quote from the 
Scofield Reference Bible footnotes directly contradicts what Jesus Christ is 
quoted to have said, His simple words, taken from the King James Edition, 
describing the basis upon which Jesus told his followers He himself will 
someday judge every man from every tribe ("nation").  We start by reading 
Jesus' words in Matthew 25:31-35:

"When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, 
then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: 32 And before him shall be 
gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a 
shepherd divided his sheep from the goats: 33 And he shall set the sheep on his 
right hand, but the goats on the left. 34 Then shall the King say unto them on 
his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for 
you from the foundation of the world: 35 For I was an hungered, and ye gave me 
meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: 
(skip to40)---Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of 
the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

The next five versus describe Jesus' rejection of the "goats," those who have 
been less than kind to the least of "his brethren," judging them unfit for 
heaven by the same measure.  Jesus provides a standard for his eternal kingdom, 
simple measurement of faith, love and service, a simple set of rules for His 

Now, we must beg your patience to wade through a long paragraph which is a 
footnote to this same passage in Matthew above, and which footnote directly 
conflicts with what Jesus taught. Be patient if at first reading you should be 
confused. From the Scofield (Oxford) Reference bible, 

Matthew 25:32: p-1036-37: 
"This judgment of individual Gentiles is to be distinguished from other 
judgments in Scripture, such as the judgment of Israel, and the judgment of the 
wicked after the millennium. The time of this judgment is "when the Son of man 
shall come in his glory," i.e. at the second coming of Christ after the 
tribulation. The subjects of this judgment are ...all Gentiles then living on 
earth. Three classes of individuals are mentioned: (1) sheep, saved Gentiles; 
(2) goats, unsaved Gentiles; and (3) brethren, the people of Israel. The scene 
is on earth;...The test of this judgment is the treatment by individual 
Gentiles of those whom Christ calls "my brethren," living in the preceding 
tribulation period when Israel is fearfully persecuted...The sheep are Gentiles 
saved on earth during the period between the rapture and Christ's second coming 
to the earth..." 

What is that all about? Maybe you need to pinch yourself and read it again. The 
brethren are "the people of Israel?" but Israel can only mean the state by that 
name in 1967 when this was written, and the State of Israel did not exist when 
Jesus lived!  

Oxford Press introduces radical racism into its interpolation of Jesus' words 
by limiting heaven to "Jews" and those non-Jews who are excessively kind to 
Jews. And the footnotes also claim it is not even Heaven Jesus it talking 
about. Instead it is an early kingdom that is yet to come...and it has 
(according to Oxford) nothing to do with the world the Disciples and Jesus 
lived in!  

In the Scofield/Oxford University Press’s bible interpretation,” the least of 
these my brethren" are stated to be "Jews" living in the state of Israel at 
some future age.  In fact, in this passage Scofield/Oxford ignores Heaven 
exchanges it for an "earthy kingdom" at a future time after an Armageddon event 
to take place after a "rapture" event followed by a "millennium" event.  This 
complex and aggressive re-interruption of Jesus' simple words is an insult to 
any reader's intelligence and a false witness to God himself.  

When Jesus spoke of "his brethren" He was in no way talking about the 1948 
created State of Israel. Surely He was referring to his followers who he often 
pointedly called brothers. And based upon Jesus many consistent statements 
about loving ones' neighbor, associates, and even our enemies, it is more 
likely Jesus was thinking of any and all of suffering mankind when he used the 
term "the least of these my brethren." But we do not try to decide that for 
you, let the words speak your own discernment. Suffice to say, the New 
Testament does not read as Oxford Press portrays it. That makes it a giant 
intentional forgery. 

"Goats," in Jesus simple pastoral analogy, are those who look a lot like sheep 
but who act differently and have ignored the needs of their fellow men.

But to Scofield/Oxford University Press, the goats are made to be human symbols 
of Anti-Israel, anti-Semitism.  They are "gentiles" who fail to shelter 
Israelis at some future time in imagined history. In other words, Oxford Press 
wants us to believe Jesus was not even talking to his disciples or needy 
mankind at all, but that he was tossing cute futurist riddles over his 
followers' innocent heads.  Why would Jesus lecture his disciples about some 
future generation that his "brethren" would not even comprehend or live to see? 
 Jesus words were (this writer thinks) relevant to those who followed him and 
to the questions they asked.  If Jesus did not shoot strait with his own, how 
can Jesus words be believable to those who try to follow him now?

Jesus left no doubt about his subject. To make sure everyone knows He was 
talking about, Heaven and Hell, and nothing else, he provides two parables in 
first half of the same 25th Chapter that he labeled as explaining the kingdom 
of Heaven ("the kingdom of Heaven is like"). And nowhere in the chapter did 
Jesus say he was suddenly inclined to change the subject to a "second coming" 
scene. Had Jesus intended to give a future history lesson it is logical to 
think he would have said so.  After all, He is the son of God and knew how to 
dictate a literate paragraph!  But this did not deter Oxford from changing the 

Little lies between the lines
Another Forgery is found in Matthew 24 in the Oxford 1967 edition, page 1035, 
and is part of the sheep and goats forgery.  It is worth a minute or two to see 
what Jesus was talking about that Oxford Press considered important enough to 
forge right in front of the world of Bible readers.  Here they did not change 
the words but refuted that they mean what Jesus said.  In other words Oxford 
Press says Jesus is wrong.

Jesus was first asked a natural and simple question by an unnamed disciple in 
the 3rd verse; 
3)"Tell us, when shall these things be.. what shall be the sign of thy coming, 
and of the end of the world?" 

To Which Jesus Replied: 
34)"Verily (truly) I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all 
these things be fulfilled."

Jesus was answering his youthful and curious followers, telling them certain 
events would occur before their "generation" is gone, leaving no doubt that he 
means some of them might live to see much persecution and the temple destroyed, 
among less easily understood events. One event specifically asked about was 
Jesus’ predicted discussion of Herod's Temple, where today the Al Aqsa Mosque 
stands. It turns out the "in this generation" was absolutely right for the 
Roman as well as Jewish records show the Temple was completely destroyed about 
35 years later in 70 AD under the Roman General Titus. 

Now read the Oxford footnote that actually refutes Jesus words:
1(24:34, page 1035) states: 

"The word 'generation' though commonly used in Scriptures of those living at 
one time, could not here mean those alive at the time of Christ..." 

Obviously, Oxford Press has a problem with Jesus words so it vetoed what Jesus 
said.  To do this they invented a new definition of "generation" that fit 
Oxford's idea of an earthly kingdom in Jerusalem in which the present day state 
of Israelis, chosen of God, and owning the entire Middle East. Oxford fixed the 
Bible by making a generation as long as they wish it to be, say 3000 years or 
more.  This of course would make Jesus a liar to his own followers, but Oxford 
Press, satisfying the interest of World Zionism, does not flinch at doing this. 

Oxford Press treats Jesus Christ like a public school drop out who cannot 
express himself or compose a paragraph without Oxford's help. We are supposed 
to believe that the Scofield bible (written and rewritten by Oxford University 
Press from 1921 on) is needed to interpret Jesus lack of expression.  It would 
have us think God is incapable of explaining his purpose on earth.  How 
insulting to God. Oxford Press and Pharisaic Christian leaders should tremble 
in fear before a Holy God. 

Jesus was clearly addressing his Disciples in the whole of Chapter 25, and he 
was telling them about Heaven and Hell and He explained the earthly path to 
each place. Traditional Christians (as well as Muslims as we understand them) 
believe Jesus was describing the "narrow path" to heaven. Jesus does not tell 
us so but we tend to assume this path is also meant for us to follow. 

Most dispensational pastors avoid discussing Matthew 25 as thought they wish it 
would disappear. To deal with it they have adopted what we call "Scofieldism" 
to convert this problem into an asset. Scofieldism make no sense as interpreted 
in the Oxford footnotes except to "dispensationalists" who have built cults 
around it.  Scofieldism is gushed from the pulpits of the celebrity Christian 
churches and go out on Christian airwaves to untold millions. As a result, 
followers of Christ as well as moral but confused Christian drop outs are 
confused by the simple words Jesus left for us. 

Jesus words are easy to understand, but difficult to follow toward the strait 
gate. Oxford Press's words are impossible to understand and as hard to 
remember, but the interpretations are duck soup to follow...they require almost 
nothing of those who profess to be "born again."

Those who promoted the Oxford University Press bible (Scofield Reference 
Bibles) invents a wide and easy path to heaven, where hell is only a factor for 
others, where sacrificial kindness must be shown only to "Jews," and not even 
now...but later, during a millennial kingdom. Mr. Scofield coined the terms 
“dispensations” from which we have "Dispensationalism.” It is quite ok to 
slaughter Arab children and wage the cruelest wars on their parents.  The false 
interpretation of Jesus words, teaching that Israelis must be loved more than 
others has made it quite acceptable in dispensational circles to ignore the 
continuous bombing and starving of  Arabs and Muslims because they are thought 
to be Israel's enemies.

The amazing paradox about Scofield-dispensationalism is that it is practiced by 
those celebrity "Christians" who claim they believe that 100% of the Bible is 
literally true.  Ted Haggard is one.
Barbara Walters interviewed Evangelical mega-church leader on ABC's 20/20, on 
December 19th, 2005. The subject was Heaven and Hell. Haggard defined 
"evangelicalism" as three principles that he said evangelicals believe: that 
Jesus Christ is the son of God; that the Bible is literally true throughout; 
and that to go to Heaven one must be "born again."  But Haggard teaches 

It should be no surprise if the Zionist leaning, non-Christian Oxford Press 
would lie to attain a political agenda to control American Christianity. This 
was its logical purpose in making, selling and promoting tens of millions of 
Scofield bibles into American Seminaries and church leaders. 

Dispensationalism is Christian-Zionism, which is racism. It requires each 
follower to acknowledge the lordship of the State of Israel along side of 
Christ. Their view of salvation is a glittery wide and easy way that that 
requires loving "Jews" next to loving God, and more than we love others. We 
have shown this in Part 2, The Sheep and the Goats. 

The immense, indescribable distortion of Jesus Christ's words of which such 
clear examples are found in Matthew 25, defies imagination in its brazenness 
and the cruel intent of its Zionist framers. It is used every day in the USA to 
enable and instigate the brutality falsely called "war" in the Middle East. -

Evangelical celebrities, and all who knowingly go along with the forgery, have 
the blood of a several racist wars on their hands.  Jesus' true words require 
that We Hold These Truths confronts pastors and leaders in tens of thousands of 
churches, as Jesus confronted the chief priests and Pharisees of his day.  
Project Strait Gate is our plan to do this. WE Hold These Truths website is 
there to help you make your own decision.  Perhaps it will be a life changing 
and lifesaving decision for you.

Other works by this author: (Click: Pharisee Watch/Listen Live)

The Cause of Our Conflicts
Interactive audio-video presentation (Christian-Zionism's roots)
Almost FREE, 345-page ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL, by Andrew Hurley, the factual 
documentary in the words of past congressmen telling how AIPAC (American 
Israeli Public Affairs Committee) has controlled the American Congress for a 
generation.  Shipping cost only, only one please.  
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