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[dev-serveez] Assistance Needed

From: Barrister Emmanuel Okafor
Subject: [dev-serveez] Assistance Needed
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 05:59:20 +0200

Dear Friend,

I am Honourable Barrister Emmanuel Okafor, the personal
attorney to the President Federal Republic of Nigeria,Chief Olusegun

I have specifically been mandated by His Excellency to source
for a foreign business partner for a joint business venture.

His Excellency would be vacating the seat of power come may
2007 and therefore,he has a certain amount of USD$300,000.000.00
(Three hundred million dollars) which he wants to invest overseas with a 
reliable foreign 
partners,hence I am contacting you.

As a matter of fact,I have already told Mr.President that I knew some
one in oversea, a business mogul whom I trusted and believed that could handle 
arrangement successfully. Though,His excellency is looking at the area of 
setting up a 
private oil refinery or Real Estate,but that does not mean that any other 
viable and 
lucrative business is a bad idea.

If you are interested and capable of handling this arrangement please,kindly 
write and 
indicate your capability and furnish me with your present line of business.
Let me also know your country of origin and your proposed country of
the said investment. More details would be given to you upon my receipt of your 

Please send your response only to this email address as stated here :


Hon.Barrister Emmanuel Okafor.

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