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[dev-serveez] re: important email

From: Tiffany
Subject: [dev-serveez] re: important email
Date: Wen, 7 Jun 2006 11:51:51 -0100

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Get Ctxe.Pk First Thing Today, It Is Exploding Now!

Price:     $0.59
Change:   $0.06 (11.76%) within 1 day!
Open:    0.53
Volume change:     521% Within 1 day! ! ! and this is just the beginning. Keep 
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Before we start with the profile of CTXE we would like to mention something 
very important: A Big PR Campaign is moving this week . And it will go all week 
so it would be best to get in Now.

Company Profile
Cantex Energy Corporation is an independent, managed risk, oil and gas 
exploration, development, and production company headquartered in San Antonio, 

Recent News

Cantex Energy Corp. Receiving Interest From the Industry as It Enters Next 
Phase of Development

Cantex Energy Corp. (CTXE - News) is pleased to report the following on its Big 
Canyon Prospect in West Texas. Recent company announcements related to the 
acquisition of over 48,000 acres of a world-class prospect has captured the 
attention of many oil & gas industry experts and corporations, who have 
recently inquired into various participation opportunities ranging from sharing 
science technology to support findings or expertise to drill, operate and 
manage wells.

Trace Maurin, President of Cantex, commented, "Although we are a small 
independent oil & gas company, we have a very unique 0pp0rtunity in one of the 
last under-explored world-class potential gas plays with no geopolitical risks 
and the industry is starting to take notice. As we prepare to prove up the 
various structures within our prospect later this month, we are increasing our 
efforts to communicate on our progress to our shareholders and investors. Our 
intention is to provide investors with a better understanding of the full 
potential of this prospect as we embark on the next phase of operations."

Starting immediately the company will undertake CEO interviews, radio spots 
(which will be recorded and published on the company website), publication 
placements, introductions to small cap institutional investors and funds all in 
an effort to optimize market awareness and keep our shareholder well informed.


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Pen-ny sttocks are considered highly speculative and may be unsuitable for all 
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the featured company. This report is for entertainment and advertising purposes 
only and should not be used as investment advice. If you wish to stop future 
mailings, or if you feel you have been wrongfully placed in our membership, 
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may end in grief  Yuh can't chew bone with gum. The squeaky wheel gets the 

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than you can view.. It will all come right in the wash

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