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[dev-serveez] You Have Been Selected!!

From: address@hidden
Subject: [dev-serveez] You Have Been Selected!!
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 15:27:57 +0200 (MEST)


                       BONOLOTO ESPAÑOL S. L

                             MAY 7, 2006 PROMOTION.                                                                              

                     C/MALAGA No 12 BAJO B



                                                                                                                      June 19, 2006.                                    


FROM: THE  PROMOTION DIRECTOR                                                                                         INTERNATIONAL  PROMOTION/ PRIZE  AWARD  DEPARTMENT

REF: BDE/2010/014/10/MOV.

SECURITY FILE NUMBER: ZAK-2330/F914-06                                                                                                                                                                                




We  are  pleased to  inform you, of the  release  of  the  long awaited result of  our  first  international  promotion  program, held on 7Th  May 2006. Organised to promote and encourage international participants, in our international high stake lottery. This prize is awarded to persons whose name appears above, but only after verification from the data’s available to us by your claims agent. Due to mix up of some last  names,  We  advice  you to (KEEP  THIS  NOTIFICATION  CONFIDENTIAL,  UNTILL YOUR  FINAL CLAIMS  HAS  BEEN  COMPLETED) Names  entered  in  the  program, were  presented  by  our international  department, in  conjunction  with  worldwide lottery  and  humanitarian organisations, with  the  help of  chambers  of  commerce  of  countries in Europe, North  &  South  America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa  and  the  Middle  East. A  computer  balloting  system,  was  used  to  select  23,000  names  out  of  more  than  500,000  names,  presented  in  our  first  promotion  program.


In  the  14th  series  from a pool of over  â‚10,000,000(Ten million euros), playing  with  the  six  numbers  3-7-10-22-30-4. Your name  was attached  to ticket  number (BS225614) which  won  in  the  8th  category. Your  ticket  number BS225614,  was  awarded  the  sum  of  â‚310,915.00(Three  Hundred  and  Ten Thousand, Nine  Hundred and Fifteen Euros). Your security file number is ZAK-2330/F914-06. Beneficiaries can come to Spain and make direct claims for their respective winnings. In  situation were  winners  cannot  come to Spain for their claims, Alternative  transfer process  will  be  effected, by  the  help  of  registered  claims  agent. All  winnings  must  be  insured to it’s  original  value, before  alternative  transfer  process  can  be  effected. This  is to  avoid  unforeseen  situations or in case someone gets access  to  your  security  file  number.


To  begin  your  claims, by  contacting  the director of claims MR. FELIPE LOPEZ, BONOLOTTO INTERNATIONAL by E-mail on (address@hidden) for  verification before claims or alternative transfer can take effect. (All winnings will be insured at its original value, you will be contacted after the verification procedures.


The dead line date for claims is 28th June 2006. After which fund will  be  returned  to the  Economic  ministry, as unclaimed, and  late  entry  penalty  might  be  considered. All correspondence must be directed to claims director. Should  there  be  any  change  of  address, or wrongly  spell name,  make  sure  you  contact  your  claims  agent, as  soon  as  possible, by  stating  the  correct  address  and  name. You  should  only  disclose  your  security  file  number to  your  claims  agent only  when  asked.





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