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[dev-serveez] Trading Log / Journal

From: SDA
Subject: [dev-serveez] Trading Log / Journal
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 12:57:16 -0600



TradeSmart Trading Log

TradeSmart is an advanced Excel base trading log/journal system.  TradeSmart is designed for the day, swing, intermediate term, and forex trader.  It helps you manage your open trades, trading strategies, trading risks, capital account balances, and reporting requirements. $14.95-$24.95

Click here for additional information on TradeSmart


Money management, also referred to as "risk management, is absolutely critical to the successful active trader. Most traders regard it as the single most important aspect of trading. There is little doubt that practicing good money management will lead to you being able to achieve success, or to avoid devastating failures.


One of the main ideas behind TradeSmart is to give the trader the tools to preserve capital so as to enable you to live to trade another day. Before you ever enter a trade, the first thing you should ask yourself is how much money am I risking here and can I afford to lose it? One of the most common mistakes new day traders make is that of "risking the whole wad" on one or two stocks.


Thus, TradeSmart’s risk reward module is designed to help you define your risk reward parameters, exit points, stop loss limits, profit targets, entry point, amount of capital to commit to a trade, risk/reward ratios, at work dollars, and at work % risk. Thus, you can make smart choices before making your trade.


The account status window allows you to view all important risk reward ratios on open trades as well as the current profitability of your completed trades.


The trading log allows you to keep track of all your trade.  It performs multiple calculations on your trades automatically.  It has full support for long and short trading. Trade positions may be edited at any time.


The reporting system is written using Microsoft excels pivot table thus giving you unparalleled power in writing reports.  The system comes with predefined reports and charts included, but by using the custom report builder your report possibilities are endless.


Click here for additional information on TradeSmart

TradeSmart Features:

  • Now-TradeSmart for Forex.
    • Manage your Capital Risk and Track all your Forex Trades.
    • Reporting by Exit Month/Year, Strategy, Currency Pair, Trade Entry Day/Time and much more
  • V3 Online Quotes, Open Trades Net Market P/L, Open Trades Market Value. Quote Information: Last Price, Volume, Previous Close, Day's High, Day's Low, 52 Week High, 52 Week Low, Date of Last Sale, Time of Last Sale.
  • V3 Account Register to record any account changes, ie Margin expense, Starting Capital, Withdrawal..
  • V3 Additional Current Account Statistics.
  • Trading Log/Journal/Accounting Module tracks your trade history.
  • Current Account Status window see where you stand now.
  • Risk Reward Module helps you select the better trades.
  • Standard and custom reporting/analysis module on your trades.
  • Instant Download of your TradeSmart Software.

Many active traders fail because they trade "on the fly", without the benefit of any pre-determined trading plan. It is absolutely critical to have a complete, well-thought out plan of action before entering any trade. This includes the number of shares you will buy and at what price, the price at which you will sell the shares (if they go up) and the price at which you will sell the shares (if they go down) to cut your losses. Once you develop a plan, stick to it and do not change it solely as a result of your emotions. Discipline is the vital key to day trading success!   TradeSmart is the key to your discipline.


Click here for additional information on TradeSmart


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