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[dev-serveez] wrest adjectival

From: Pol Watts
Subject: [dev-serveez] wrest adjectival
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 23:50:17 -0000

And theyplunged again down the slope, faster, rendered reckless by thesuccess of their boldness. Choosing the bull the farthest outside of the herd, Pilchuck aimedwith deliberation, and fired. But some of us had to go an we were allready. Theprairie rises slow for about that distance, then dips.
You notice we can see only four or five miles, he said. Wal, a couple more scratches will make an old residenter out ofyou, Tom, he said, dryly. Theprairie was not here a beautiful prospect. I reckon Im even with the Comanches, he said, grimly.
They mounted, and were off at a gallop that gave place to a run.
If I dontshow up inside of five years invest the money for your children.
Id rather have nose an eyes fullof Cottonwood smoke. Always the buffaloheaded to the wind; they would drink and graze, and go on, noses tothe breeze.
There were hundreds of hunterslike him on the range.
When he awoke he heard again thelong mournful roar.
Wal, Ill be darned if I know, ejaculated Pilchuck.
Why didnot his comrade, or perhaps his mate, get up and come?
No wonder this little calf showed in itssad resignation the doom of the species! Whats more important, it will make Texassafe for settlers. Now and then another wouldwalk out of the crowd, and that was fatal for him. ThenPilchuck missed dead center of a quartering shot at a bull that ledout. Sometimes he would act with the mostincredible speed.
Then he gazed across the northern horizon of the prairie round to apoint due east.
Tom was not the last to get his hands into that cartridge bag, norto fall in line after the scout. It fixed his mind on this thinghe was doing and left him no peace. An Blake an his outfit roaredtill they near died. They mergedinto a purple-black mass down which streaked thin zigzag ropes oflightning. Ive killedan skinned over four thousands buffs. Starwell has the idea, declared Pilchuck.
Each an every one of you yelllike the devil, run a dozen jumps, drop down on your knee anshoot.
Wal, the Comanches that are left are slowly comin in to Fort Sillan goin on the reservation.
He can still cover that gate an also reach thecamp. That was all; and heabandoned the strain.

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