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[dev-serveez] erection shore

From: Winifred Armstrong
Subject: [dev-serveez] erection shore
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:53:54 +0200

And to consider the juxtaposition of the two, agreed Betty.
There is truth inthe statement that God walked in the garden in the cool of the evening. You have come so far in already, that to particularize is onlyconfusing now, to us both. The chemical formula is a frequency formula, not an inertmaterial formula. It is an individual thing, thatbelongs to me.
Perhaps we could best get at that by knowing more about her presentstate of being.
Time, whoseessence is receptivity, is experience.
The whole thing is a matter of relative trilogia, she added. We can create directly by animpingement of our frequency on a lower degree of frequency. There seems to be a fluidityto endeavor, to space, to time, to everything. Ive always wanted to travel; and now I can travel, began Joan.
I askedOr do you tune in to each others frequency; or to a commoncommunication band, so to speak?
Matter is an obstruction toyou; it is not to me. And there is a corollary difference in the mechanism of awareness.
We have postulated that there is onlyone universe. Well, has this insulation a form attribute, like a house? That is the only reason you cannot see me, she hadsaid. Now, the form attribute of the desk, naturally, to you hasa certain use.
That is part of my being in the unobstructeduniverse.
Our universe, like yours, contains lower degrees of frequency which wewant to avoid. I impinge on thatparticular frequency, and call it to my frequency.
It is much more than a glimpse with us, though it isnot a complete reality. And there is a corollary difference in the mechanism of awareness. Outmoded empirical knowledge, retorted Betty. What you mean is this:a high degree of consciousness-quality can set in motion an intent.
She could not escape completely at all, said she. The only difference Ican see is freedom, liberty and reality in the things we fight for onearth. Examine the various conceptionsof time held by individuals in your own universe.

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