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[dev-serveez] infirmary portfolio

From: Dolly Kelley
Subject: [dev-serveez] infirmary portfolio
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 07:26:43 -0400

Andthe girls he might have had, Mother says. Pools of water here and there glowed like greatrubies. The Pennys had no telephone and Jem andWalter flatly refused to go.
But the night had to be got through somehow. She didnt dare take Di, too, or she would have.
You looked so funny and holy sayingyour prayers. Do you spose we could carry her home before she comes to? You would be likely to catch goodness knows what if you went to aplace like that. She just HAD toknow what Dovie knew about her, that was all there was to it. All at once shewas terribly frightened of this incredibly old woman.
Jenny has to have her tonsils out, sobbed Di.
I know lots of things Ive never told Susan. Oh, Susan, I dont want her to feel that anyone is beneath her.
This is your LAST CHANCE, she said dramatically. Curt had hishand, which he had cut on a broken bottle, tied up with a blood-stained rag. She did not think she would be able to get in. Charlottetown,Dovie said, was the only place where people knew anything. I dont want to hurt yourfeelings, but sometimes I think youre not all there. That one over there, said a boy, pointing. The big bedroom where Jenny took her at half-past ten had two bedsin it.
There came a day when Nan knew she could bear it no longer. Now, Di, I dont want to quarrelwith you but I hate to hear anyone bragging about their folks. Dovie was nice-mannered, well-dressed, ladylike, anddid not talk too much.
SOME girls wouldnt put up with it,of course, but I spose you just cant help it.
Nan nodded again, but a little uncertainly. Dad didntbother about them up to a certain point but beyond that . Of courseI wont be able to tell even you, Mummy, because Ive promised Iwouldnt.
Di, who was hungry,would have enjoyed the meal . I told you Iwouldnt tell ANYBODY at Ingleside.

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