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[dev-serveez] streetcar

From: Ellen Werner
Subject: [dev-serveez] streetcar
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 22:13:36 +0100

Bligh and his three dissenters drove a string of horses across the river. Neither Beryl nor Leslie put in an appearance at supper. And giving him her hands sheleaned to him and lifted a scarlet face.
Waterdripped off him from the waist down.
He hadnot cared much about Eric Dann, but the mad risk that intrepid cowboy hadrun! I swear, pard, I never had my gizzard freeze likeit does at thet thought.
At thisjuncture Beryl emerged from the tent, slim in her riders garb.
The left front horse reared high with a crocodile hangingto its nose.
Slyter told the girls to go to bed, and this time they obeyed. He puffed a cloud of smoke which hid his face.
Beryl, Id die for him, an shore hed die for me. Suddenly Bligh, leading Derrick, Hood and Heald, rose and started towardStanley Danns shelter. Eric Dann still clung to the drivers seat. Aw, just natoorally I feel sorry for them.
And heran for the rifle against a wagon wheel.
Released from a wall infront, the mass behind piled frantically into the river.
We cant stop Dann now, Slyter said, grimly. Wal, if you ask me we oughta load our guns, drawled Red.
Two drovers leaped out of their saddles to unhitch the teams.
Red was taking achance that the crocodiles would be too busy to see him.

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