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[dev-serveez] colloquialism falsification

From: Gideon Kennedy
Subject: [dev-serveez] colloquialism falsification
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 10:47:50 +0200

ButDon Cosmo appeared surprised to see him still there. Finally Don Cosmo appeared at one of the windows of the villa.
Here Capolino laughed again, but his laughter was like the splutteringof a snail in the fire.
But you have chosen this roomfor yourself, perhaps, Don Cosmo?
And he hadbeen obliged to go for the first time to Salvos bank for an advanceupon his securities. And you shall hear of usagain before long.
ThePrince, to say the very least, must be a man of five or six andsixty. FlaminioSalvo, in General Laurentanos villa? Why, yes, Laurentano assured him, with a fresh sigh.
I shall walk out of the house, if he comes! He ought to have had the answer in his pocket overnight,had he carried out Preolas instructions.
How the shipping of the sulphur is still being done?
Hemust hold her himself and remain standing there, outside, waiting, asthough he had come for alms.
Religious and politicalviews, if they count at all, what figure do they cut compared with thelaw? Because the big pots of the place are the people who own thelighters! Do you know, you really have profited by all the sermonsyou had to listen to as a sacristan? The whole countryside was steaming as though a veil of mist hung andquivered over it. In that case, Don Cosmo said quietly, turning to face him, I canstill sleep with the door open.
ButDon Cosmo appeared surprised to see him still there. He certainly would not repeat the mistake of leading theconversation to the books of philosophy.

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