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From: Jerry Hardin
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Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 10:44:42 -0500

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""Well. Propped on his left arm, he made his right hand close around the penguin. Again and again he saw her flying across the room, again and again he saw her bringing her fist down on the remains of his knee with all the force of an angry drunk hammering on an oak bar, again and again he was swallowed in that terrible blue-white nova of pain. And unless his assessment of Annie Wilkes was totally off the beam, that meant she had something even worse in store. A "reliable hospital source»was cited, and Paul wondered if perhaps the source had not been Annie Wilkes herself. He had time enough to realize his foot was now only held on his leg by the meat of his calf before blade came down again, directly into the gash, shear through the rest of his leg and burying itself deep in mattress. But a book should last a long time, Annie, and if I write this one on Corrasable, you're going to have nothing but a bunch of blank papers in ten years or so.The Scheherazade complex. He tried to open his mouth and couldn't. Of course not. "It means that you. or.

"Us dirty birdies are never all that funny, but we never stop trying — you have to give us that,»he muttered. And as hope of finding Kushner alive began to fade, questions about why he had been out there alone in the first place began to grow louder — and while Paul doubted if the State of Colorado had money enough to finance a buddy system for its vehicle police, they were obviously combing the area for Kushner in pairs. The photo showed a fireman on a ladder, silhouetted against a background of flames billowing from the window of a frame building. He turned, heart hammering, brains squeezing at his temples, and Annie was there, all right, the axe upraised, but only for a second. He could see their shadows lying like construction-paper cutouts on the snow, but that was all. That part of his head had quietly gone out to get a pastrami on rye, or something. She did not want to hear about his concordance and indices because to her Misery and the characters surrounding her were perfectly real. At first he had been able to work only in painfully short bursts — fifteen minutes, maybe half an hour if the story really demanded it of him. The second time Old Bessie slid all the way around in a circle and kept right on going downhill while she did it! ("Virginia") Sandpiper had found each piece, how much she had paid, and the restoration processes involved. When it didn't, he gave another giant whooping gasp, and then he was breathing again on his own, and doing it as fast as he could to flush the smell and taste of her out of him. Paul made a wounded, baffled noise, lowered his hand, and then leaned back, panting. It sounds as if she were still alive down there and tryin»to work her way back up to the land o»the livin", so it does! The doctors had weaned him from it; The booze was his substitute, and when he got inside he was going to have a double bourbon. It had yawned wide open again, and the book rushed toward its climax the way the best ones did, as if on a rocket sled. It would be yet awhile before his number-one fan brought him the old clacking Royal with the grinning gapped mouth and the Ducky Daddles voice, but Paul understood long before then that he was in a hell of a jam. He could see dark-brown wax plugging one ear and wondered with faint disgust how the hell she could hear anything. He worked his way out from under her like a man burrowing his way out of a snowshde. Dimly, from the afterdeck, Geoffrey could hear a gang of men singing a shanty in bellowing, off-key voices. Really, you mustn't — " Geoffrey had made as if to clap Ian on the shoulder and somehow that had turned into an embrace. The thought that grieving for a fictional character was absurd did more than cross his mind during his tossings and turnings. Because the crucial plot-twist of Fast Cars concerned Tony Bonasaro's near-fatal crack-up in his last desperate effort to escape the police (and this led to the epilogue, which consisted of the bruising interrogation conducted by the late Lieutenant Gray's partner in Tony's hospital room), Paul had interviewed a number of crash victims.

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