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[dev-serveez] Acrobat 8 Pro, Microsoft Vista & 0ffice 2OO7 for 79$ at An

From: Rafael Tackett
Subject: [dev-serveez] Acrobat 8 Pro, Microsoft Vista & 0ffice 2OO7 for 79$ at Ann's supersoft
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 20:32:16 +0100

All Titles 0n Speclal for 2OO7.

Microsoft 0ffice 2OO7    79$
Microsoft Vista Ultimate 79$
Adobe Acrobat 8 PR0      79$
Windows XP PR0 +SP2      49$
Adobe Premiere 2.O       59$
Macromedia Studio 8      99$
Office2OO3 w/Contact Mgr 69$
Quickbooks 2OO6 Premier  69$
Microsoft Money 2OO7     39$
Adobe Photoshop CS2 9.O  69$
Autodesk Autocad 2OO7    129$
Corel Grafix Suite X3    59$
Adobe Creative Suite CS2 149$
Adobe Illustrator CS2    59$
Microsoft Office XP PR0  49$
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 49$
McAfee Internet Sec. 7   29$
Norton Antivirus Corp.   29$

Mac Speclals:
Adobe Acrobat PR0 7             69$
Adobe After Effects             49$
Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium 149$
Ableton Live 5.0.1              49$
Adobe Photoshop CS              49$

Also see our new eB00KS:
Windows XP for Dummies
Photoshop in a Snap
Linux for dummies
All for $11 and fast-download.

See more titles: Microsoft-Mac soft-Adobe 

-=New Releases=-

Microsoft 0ffice 2OO7 Enterprise
Normal Price:  $899.00
0ur 0ffer:  $79.95
U-save:  $819.95 (89%)
Availability: Pay-and-download instantly.

SalesRank: #1
Average Customer Review: *****
(based on 38820 reviews)

Adobe Acrobat 8.O PR0
Normal Price:  $449.00
0ur 0ffer:  $79.95
U-save:  $369.05 (80%)
Availability: Available for INSTANT-download.

Top-ten-ranked item.
Average Customer Review: *****
(based on 25946 reviews)

Macromedia Studio 8
Normal Price:  $999.00
0ur 0ffer:  $99.95
U-save:  $899.05 (90%)
Availability: Can be downloaded-INSTANTLY.

Best choice for professional.
Average Customer Review: *****
(based on 91257 reviews)

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device space resource usage by fixed devices.
This document assumes you are in roughly this position:
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        Unix file server over Ethernet, you can comment this out.
If you must install from floppy disks, either due to unsupported
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Kerberos client's /etc/kerberosIV directory. This file must be present
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11.4.6.  Modem Settings
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The PC DMA subsystem is based on the Intel 8237 DMA controller.  The
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        This is a VT220-compatible console driver, backwards compatible
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Error to the host processor when the data word is read.  The usual
#  Make LF = CR+LF
o   You are familiar with your modem's command set, or know where to
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non-``fly-by'' mode, but nobody in the PC industry uses this
        Sets the login string sequence. In this example, the string is
sio4: type 16550A (multiport)
2:uriah # cd /sys/compile/URIAH
terminators contain slightly more elaborate circuit to give cleaner
o  APM sub-driver (mostly done).
        MAINTAINER=   asamiFreeBSD
freebsd-chat               Non-technical items related to the FreeBSD community
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your particular modem as the PPP dialer provides only a very simple
immediately, this one-time password is the one you would use.
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files, devices, files that change size during the backup, files that
their function allows this is another matter, but the standard does
You should set ${DISTNAME} to be the base name of your port.    The
password.  If you get them mixed up or for some reason the
you real trouble.  Translations come in multiple flavors. Most of them
system reads this file each time the spooler is used, so updates to
``FreeBSD in a nutshell''.  For a history of the project, read ``a
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options you have to specify in order to do this.
Once this floppy is made, you can go on to make the distribution set
Let us look at an example of default routes. This is a common

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