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[dev-serveez] Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise ready to download

From: Karyn Rich
Subject: [dev-serveez] Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise ready to download
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 06:23:56 -0120

Office 2007 is available for enterprise users from November 30, 2006. The end user 
version is available from the beginning of 2007. The 2007 Microsoft Office System, also 
known as Microsoft Office 2007, is the most recent version of Microsoft's productivity 
suite. Formerly known as Office 12 in the initial stages of its beta cycle, it was 
scheduled to be made available to volume license customers on November 30, 2006, with 
general availability following in early 2007. Office 2007 contains a number of new 
features, the most notable of which is the entirely new graphical user interface called 
the Ribbon, replacing the menus and toolbars that have been the cornerstone of Office 
since its inception. Office 2007 also includes new applications and server-side tools. 
Chief amongst these is Groove, a collaboration and communication suite for smaller 
businesses which was originally developed by Groove Networks before being acquired by 
Microsoft in 2005. Also included is Office Sharepoint Server 2007, a major revision to 
the server platform for Office applications, which supports "Excel Services", a 
client-server architecture for supporting Excel workbooks that are shared in real time 
between multiple machines, and are also viewable and editable through a web page. While 
Office 2007 includes many new features, one has been removed entirely: Microsoft 
FrontPage is no longer being developed; its successor is the Microsoft Expression line of 
Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise
Retail Price $899.00
Our Price $79.95
You save $819.05
Please note, that there will be more special offers available for our constant 
customers. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information 
contained herein. DS Team makes no warranty expressed or implied with respect 
to accuracy of the information, including price, product editorials or product 
specifications. Product and manufacturer names are used only for the purpose of 
identification. We appreciate your cooperation with us and we'll be glad to see 
you as our clients in the future.

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