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[dev-serveez] goose

From: Desmond H. Lugo
Subject: [dev-serveez] goose
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 00:57:46 +0200

Quick Trading Gains Possible

Diamant Art Corp. (SYMBOL: DIAAF.OB) is set to explode on Thursday 02/15/07
All signs pointing to bullish market.
Recommendations: Very strong buy!

WED. CLOSE: $0.0008 SHORT TERM TARGET: $0.0019

Diamant Art Corp. is the exclusive distributor of Diamant≥ Food Wrap. One of 
the world's first NON-PVC polystyrene-
based stretch films, Diamant Food Wrap is a revolutionary health oriented product that is both recyclable and ecologically friendly. Diamant Art Corp. already sold 22 million feet of Its biodegradable "Pallet Film", more to come!

It was very still in the twilight where they stood. The faint murmur of a prayer came down from above, and while it lasted both were as though held motionless by its mesmeric monotony. Then at the boom of the organ, the lads last shred of self-control vanished. He burst again into muffled weary sobs, the light from the furnace glistening redly on his streaming cheeks. It aint right, Uncle Jehiel. I feel as though I was murderin somethin! But I cant help it. Ill go, Ill do as you say, but -- He slept hardly at all that night, waking with great starts, and imagining himself in strange foreign places, and then recognizing with a scornful familiarity the worn old pieces of furniture in his room. He noticed at these times that it was very cold, and lifelong habit made him reflect that he would better go early to the church because it would be hard to get up steam enough to warm the building before time for service. After he had finished his morning chores and was about to start he noticed that the thermometer stood at four above zero. now come to the brief and pleasant task of pointing out its virtues. The When she came to see him and their parents a few months later, she brought him a little square of crimson silk, on which she had worked in tiny stitches, Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler. She explained to her father and mother that it was a text-ornament for Jehiel to hang up over his desk; but she drew the boy aside and showed him that the silk was only lightly caught down to the foundation. sehr ungenirt nach der neusten mode gekleideten Regierungsrathin begegnet.

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