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[dev-serveez] Busines proposal for SHARE owners

From: Lenny Nance
Subject: [dev-serveez] Busines proposal for SHARE owners
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 18:12:31 +0500

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Hi! stock holder,

We are a stock promotion company and we can promote any kind of stocks. We have 
been working on US market  for 3 years. But this time it is getting harder and 
harder to work on US market. We are in search of grave partners in Europe with 
whom we can make business together. That proposal is for you if you have a 
company and you want to encourage it. We encourage stocks by bulk email 

Stock owner

We can increase the cost of your SHARE and we can increase average day trading 
capacity. We can increase price up to 200-255%  in 3 weeks and also we can 
increase volume  by 10 times each trading day. You don`t have to pay anything 
in in advance. First we increase the price  and the volume, then you  pay. 

Payment: Our cost  for that is 10% from the daily range. We count  it by the 
following formula: last  price * daily volume. 

If you are interested in our suggestion  please write me back to the following 
email: address@hidden

not return calls seeking comment Thursday.SMU emerged  Turner said those fears 
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