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[dfey-se-discuss] London, October 2009 Meeting

From: Robert Leverington
Subject: [dfey-se-discuss] London, October 2009 Meeting
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 18:22:43 +0000
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We are currently planning a meeting in London for October 2009.  We have
kindly been given permission to use London Hackspace for this, located
just north of Kings Cross St Pancras.  I would suggest meeting at
Highbury and Islington tube station and then walking there as a group as
it is located deep in a built up residential area [1].

I have set up a Doodle where you can indicate which weekends would be
most convenient for you at [2], we should probably select a suitable
weekend within the next week or so.

It would be great if we had a plethora of ideas for initiatives we could
run, or resources that could be produced, so that this meeting is really
successful; if you could think of some possible ideas beforehand that
would be useful.

Some of us are also interested in PGP keysigning, it would be cool if we
could do this aswell.

[1] http://bit.ly/londonspacelocation
[2] http://doodle.com/t3fzt3w33664hmcu

Robert Leverington

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