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[Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #1117] Table 'dolibarr-fork.llx_soc_localtax' d

From: Doliforge
Subject: [Dolibarr-bugtrack] [Bug #1117] Table 'dolibarr-fork.llx_soc_localtax' doesn't exist
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 14:47:53 +0100

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Table 'dolibarr-fork.llx_soc_localtax' doesn't exist


Submitted by:  Marcos García (marcosgdf) Submitted on:  2013-10-27 14:47
Last Modified On:  2013-10-27 14:47 
Summary:  Table 'dolibarr-fork.llx_soc_localtax' doesn't exist
Description:  When installing latest develop version, the following error is shown during install

Creación de las claves e índices de la tabla llx_soc_localtaxes.key
Request 478 : ALTER TABLE llx_soc_localtax ADD UNIQUE INDEX uk_soc_localtax_tax (fk_soc, fk_tax) Error de SQL DB_ERROR_NOSUCHTABLE Table 'dolibarr-fork.llx_soc_localtax' doesn't exist
Step to reproduce bug:  
Version:  develop Category:  Core Problem
Severity:  5 - Major OS Type/Version:  
PHP version:   Database type and version:  
Status:  Open Assigned to:  None
Resolution:  None 

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