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[Auth]bouncer.png: click here to log in

From: David Nicol
Subject: [Auth]bouncer.png: click here to log in
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 21:55:11 -0600

the attached little dude took Dennis Nedblake about a minute to whip up:
He GPL'd it, so if you put it on a T-shirt, you have to offer to give
up the .png file too.  Text of the base64 of the attachment might make
a cool border around the image, on a T-shirt.

It is proposed as a standard "click here to log in" button, esp. in
situations where logging in might imply some kind of payment:  He is a
doorman at a nightclub, after all.  Those guys aren't always taking
cover charges however; unless there is a pay-to-see event happening,
they just check IDs.

                                                  David Nicol 816.235.1187
                        it is better to speak out and prove you are a fool
     than to keep silent until someone trusts you with something dangerous

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