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Re: [Auth]Re: [CoreTeam]IDsec meeting

From: Mario D. Santana
Subject: Re: [Auth]Re: [CoreTeam]IDsec meeting
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 07:53:16 -0800

Hans Zandbelt wrote:

> I've sent you a slightly more detailed description (about half a page)
> about IDsec before. I've attached it below.
> [...]

(I don't remember if I posted this in response to the last time Hans
posted his; forgive if I did. =)

IDSec sounds a lot like Albert Scherbinsky's Flysolo project. There are
sources and other info at -- I also have a
very rough mozilla plugin client implemented based on those.

I haven't heard from Albert himself for a while, and the documentation on
his homepage seems to have disappeared. Last I heard he wanted to make a
commercial product out of Flysolo. The sources on sourceforge are GPL'd,

Near as I can tell, the basic difference is that Flysolo's data is
fetched from repositories and fed to web services by the _client_.
Compared to IDSec, Flysolo is more dependent on client software and less
portable to arbitrary kiosks and such. One can imagine some sort of proxy
that adds Flysolo client functions while browsing, but for now it's just
that: imagining. However, it requires very few changes to Flysolo-enable
a website compared to IDSec.

It seems to me that integration with a system like IDSec or Flysolo would
simplify the DotGNU user-profile service by making it a simple repository
for use by that system. A user can point to a local repository running on
the SEE in their machine, or a remote repository on a DEE somewhere.


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