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[Auth]First meeting of dg-auth-wg

From: John
Subject: [Auth]First meeting of dg-auth-wg
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 21:16:46 -0400
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The logs for the first meeting of the dotGNU Authorization Working Group 
(dog-auth-wag, from the Savannah abbreviation: dg-auth-wg) are now available at:

Two new members were present (ajmitch; antifa) as well as standing members: 
fitzix (Barry) and FrePort. Discussion centered around the four (No, three. No, 
four!) items scheduled at the previous meeting:

1) Further support for integration? (assigned to: mds, fitzix)
2) Possible market applications, what and whose applications would we target? 
3) ROI = Return on Investment (all, presentation by mds)
4) MACS/Freport integration diagram.

Items 2 and 4 were discussed extensively. Item 1 was discussed in pre-meeting. 
Items 3 was tabled pending arrival of the relevant member of dg-auth-wg. The 
current chair, fitzix, requests that all users desiring access to the savannah 
watering-hole (CVS) should announce such at the end of the next meeting.

The next meeting is set for Sunday July 14, 1:30 PM EST, +5 UCT. On IRC, in the 
#dotgnu-auth channel at OPN. Anyone who is interested in DotGNU authentication, 
authorization and profiles is welcome. If the time doesn't work for someone, 
pipe up and we'll figure something out. Next weeks agenda will cover the topics:
1) Webservices application target list (presentation antifa)
  Antifa will present a list of currently available webservices under GPL, 
which will
benefit from incorporating DotGNU auth technology. 2) ROI (all, presentation: mds) Return on investment was tabled from week 1. MDS will present and a free-form discussion will follow.
3) More argument over the integration diagrams (freport, mds)
  The integration diagrams were present in the 7-7-2002 meeting. Further 
discussion is
  neccessary to enbhance and modify.
4) Network topology discussion (all)
  There are differences between the network topologies of all 3 DotGNU auth 
  These must be congealed for there to be any hope of integrating.
5) Discussion about the future (planning for non-participants)
  The secretary neglected to ask Barry for a description of this one. Let's 
just file
  it as "Administrative issues".
6) Savannah signup (fitzix)
  voice vote to grant access to dg-auth-wg savannah CVS.

All are welcome to attend the next meeting -

Time: Sunday July 14, 1:30 PM EST, +5 UCT:
IRC Server:
IRC Channel: #dotgnu-auth
URI:         irc://

Anyone who is interested in DotGNU authentication, authorization and profiles 
is welcome. If the time doesn't work for someone; announce here, and we'll 
attempt to be accommodating.

That's all she wrote, volken.

John Le'Brecage
not-the-secretary of dog auth wag

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