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Re: [Dragora-users] dragora

From: Matias Fonzo
Subject: Re: [Dragora-users] dragora
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2019 12:35:12 -0300

Hello Mielech,

On Tue, 09 Apr 2019 09:34:30 +0200
"address@hidden" <address@hidden> wrote:
> I installed dragora 2.2 stable and here are some thoughts.

Congratulations.  :-)
> 1) The installation process wants the user to choose a bootloader.
> When there are already operation systems and a bootloader, it
> could make sense to have the choice to keep that.

Yes, you can say 'No' and proceed without a bootloader if you
already have one.
> 2) I have such a situation and chose grub, but it only detected the
> dragora partition.

If you mean detection for other OSes, consider that you have installed
a version from 2012, it passes the 6-month test (per-release).  ;-)

What I am trying to tell is that the support to detect other operating
systems in GRUB exists in these days, we need to add the extra support
for our current version of GRUB.
> 3) I didn't detect the wlan (-stick). I don't know, why, but with the
> kernel of dragora 3 alpha 1 ( +modules +firmware) wlan was
> detected.

It looks like your (non-free?) wireless card is not supported in the
Linux-Libre version shipped in Dragora 2.2.  The alpha versions of
Dragora contain a more updated base, kernel.  The included series of
the kernel is 4.19.x, currently.
> 4) dragora 3 alpha 1 and 2 ask at login for user and password. On
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/info-gnu/2018-09/msg00011.html
> you tell the user these words for dragora 3 alpha 2. It would help
> to add such a line to the corresponding site of dragora 3 alpha 1.

It was my fault, I forget to mention the user and password in the
initial release of the alpha1.  However, the user and password is
mentioned and included in the initial boot menu of the alpha2 (if you
press F1).

A better idea would be to add the autologin stuff by default for the
LiveCD, but I am not sure about security implications.

Your thoughts are welcome,

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