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[eLyXer-users] Advice for another LyX-oriented project

From: Jack Desert
Subject: [eLyXer-users] Advice for another LyX-oriented project
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 17:28:46 -0500

Dear eLyXer users and developers:

I am developing a tool called LyxBlogger, which allows LyX to post directly to 
a wordpress blog. LyxBlogger can use either eLyXer or the LyX 2.0 internal 
LyXHTML format in its converter chain. As LyxBlogger and eLyXer are both 
complementary tools to LyX itself, and are both written in Python, I would like 
to gain from eLyXer's pool of wisdom regarding integration with LyX and 
development in general. Here are a few questions, placed in order of pertinence:

1. I notice eLyXer has two methods of installation, known as the easy and the 
elegant way, respectively. Am I better off keeping LyxBlogger as a single file 
to facilitate installation via the easy way? Or would it be just as easy to 
make it a multi-file package and require installation using 'python setup.py 

2. If I put a script such as LyxBlogger in ~/lyx/lib/scripts and then compile 
LyX, will LyxBlogger automatically be installed on the target machine, or is 
there another file I must edit to make that happen?

3. Can eLyXer run on the standard vanilla Windows installation of LyX, or are 
additional libraries required?

4. Is there a fool-proof location on Windows to place a script so that it is 
guaranteed to be in the system path? For example, is ~\install_dir\lyx\scripts 
included in the system path when LyX is installed?

5. In your opinion, what hurdles must be jumped to have a project like 
LyxBlogger included in a future release of LyX?

6. Do you have a test suite for unit testing eLyXer? If so, is it available for 

7. How did eLyXer come to be a part of nongnu.org, and how do you like having 
it hosted there? Would you recommend nongnu as a possible hosting place for 

8. What were your reasons for releasing eLyXer under the GNU General Public 
License as opposed to the other available open source licenses?

9. What percentage of users do you estimate are running on Windows vs. Linux 
vs. something else.

10. Will eLyXer always use the extension .html in its output? (I like this as 
it differentiates it from the .xhtml extension used by LyXHTML)

Jack Desert     --    Writer, Entrepeneur
Author and Spokesman: www.LetsEATalready.com
Software Developer:   http://GrooveTask.org
Email: address@hidden

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