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Re: [eLyXer-users] Using LyX to convert arbitrary files.

From: Tommaso Cucinotta
Subject: Re: [eLyXer-users] Using LyX to convert arbitrary files.
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 18:05:10 +0200
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Il 05/10/2011 10:06, Alex Fernandez ha scritto:
On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 7:29 PM, Tommaso Cucinotta<address@hidden>  wrote:
Very nice. One last thing. I guess I'd need a test in configure.py about the
version of elyxer currently installed, so probably there's someway to
issue a "elyxer --version", and change the way elyxer is invoked depending
on its output. What would be the release accepting the new syntax ?
It will be in 1.2.4, you can get the raw version number using:
   $ elyxer.py --hardversion
But that is a bit ugly, isn't it? LyX should not have to know about
Well, actually, it's already in the LyX logic to self-detect what programs
are installed in the system (including elyxer), and, whenever appropriate,
adding additional logic to understand exactly what version is installed and
how to make optimum use of it. In particular, I hope the difference I'm talking
about the elyxer version can be *all encoded within configure.py*. So, that
would be all logic *outside of LyX*, but internal to its self-configuration
capability as scripted within the accompanying Python scripts.


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