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emacs-29 6ea507296a7: Correctly refontify changed region in tree-sitter

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: emacs-29 6ea507296a7: Correctly refontify changed region in tree-sitter modes (bug#66732)
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2023 18:05:23 -0500 (EST)

branch: emacs-29
commit 6ea507296a7e8bd55df8961793b02cf54d0f3c72
Author: Yuan Fu <casouri@gmail.com>
Commit: Yuan Fu <casouri@gmail.com>

    Correctly refontify changed region in tree-sitter modes (bug#66732)
    We already have treesit--font-lock-notifier that should mark changed
    regions to be refontified, but it's called too late in the redsiplay &
    fontification pipeline.  Here we add treesit--pre-redisplay that
    forces reparse and calls notifier functions in
    pre-redisplay-functions, which is early enough for the marking to take
    Similarly, we force reparse in
    syntax-propertize-extend-region-functions so syntax-ppss will have the
    up-to-date syntax information when it scans the buffer text.  We also
    record the lowest start position of the affected regions, and make
    sure next syntex-propertize starts from that position.
    * lisp/treesit.el (treesit--pre-redisplay-tick):
    (treesit--syntax-propertize-start): New variable.
    (treesit--pre-syntax-ppss): New functions.
    (treesit-major-mode-setup): Add hooks.
    * lisp/progmodes/ruby-ts-mode.el (ruby-ts-mode): Remove notifier.
    (ruby-ts--parser-after-change): Remove notifier function.
 lisp/progmodes/ruby-ts-mode.el | 12 -------
 lisp/treesit.el                | 72 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 2 files changed, 71 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lisp/progmodes/ruby-ts-mode.el b/lisp/progmodes/ruby-ts-mode.el
index c146b80542e..a30131aad89 100644
--- a/lisp/progmodes/ruby-ts-mode.el
+++ b/lisp/progmodes/ruby-ts-mode.el
@@ -1135,20 +1135,8 @@ leading double colon is not added."
-  (treesit-parser-add-notifier (car (treesit-parser-list))
-                               #'ruby-ts--parser-after-change)
   (setq-local syntax-propertize-function #'ruby-ts--syntax-propertize))
-(defun ruby-ts--parser-after-change (ranges parser)
-  ;; Make sure we re-syntax-propertize the full node that is being
-  ;; edited.  This is most pertinent to multi-line complex nodes such
-  ;; as heredocs.
-  (when ranges
-    (with-current-buffer (treesit-parser-buffer parser)
-      (syntax-ppss-flush-cache (cl-loop for r in ranges
-                                        minimize (car r))))))
 (if (treesit-ready-p 'ruby)
     ;; Copied from ruby-mode.el.
     (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist
diff --git a/lisp/treesit.el b/lisp/treesit.el
index 8a07f5023a9..2ef4e382cf3 100644
--- a/lisp/treesit.el
+++ b/lisp/treesit.el
@@ -1088,6 +1088,72 @@ parser notifying of the change."
         (put-text-property (car range) (cdr range) 'fontified nil)))))
+(defvar-local treesit--syntax-propertize-start nil
+  "If non-nil, next `syntax-propertize' should start at this position.
+When tree-sitter parser reparses, it calls
+`treesit--syntax-propertize-notifier' with the affected region,
+and that function sets this variable to the start of the affected
+(defun treesit--syntax-propertize-notifier (ranges parser)
+  "Sets `treesit--syntax-propertize-start' to the smallest start.
+Specifically, the smallest start position among all the ranges in
+  (with-current-buffer (treesit-parser-buffer parser)
+    (when-let* ((range-starts (mapcar #'car ranges))
+                (min-range-start
+                 (seq-reduce
+                  #'min (cdr range-starts) (car range-starts))))
+      (if (null treesit--syntax-propertize-start)
+          (setq treesit--syntax-propertize-start min-range-start)
+        (setq treesit--syntax-propertize-start
+              (min treesit--syntax-propertize-start min-range-start))))))
+(defvar-local treesit--pre-redisplay-tick nil
+  "The last `buffer-chars-modified-tick' that we've processed.
+Because `pre-redisplay-functions' could be called multiple times
+during a single command loop, we use this variable to debounce
+calls to `treesit--pre-redisplay'.")
+(defun treesit--pre-redisplay (&rest _)
+  "Force reparse and consequently run all notifiers.
+One of the notifiers is `treesit--font-lock-notifier', which will
+mark the region whose syntax has changed to \"need to refontify\".
+For example, when the user types the final slash of a C block
+comment /* xxx */, not only do we need to fontify the slash, but
+also the whole block comment, which previously wasn't fontified
+as comment due to incomplete parse tree."
+  (unless (eq treesit--pre-redisplay-tick (buffer-chars-modified-tick))
+    ;; `treesit-update-ranges' will force the host language's parser to
+    ;; reparse and set correct ranges for embedded parsers.  Then
+    ;; `treesit-parser-root-node' will force those parsers to reparse.
+    (treesit-update-ranges)
+    ;; Force repase on _all_ the parsers might not be necessary, but
+    ;; this is probably the most robust way.
+    (dolist (parser (treesit-parser-list))
+      (treesit-parser-root-node parser))
+    (setq treesit--pre-redisplay-tick (buffer-chars-modified-tick))))
+(defun treesit--pre-syntax-ppss (start end)
+  "Force reparse and consequently run all notifiers.
+Similar to font-lock, we want to update the `syntax' text
+property before `syntax-ppss' starts working on the text.  We
+also want to extend the to-be-propertized region to include the
+whole region affected by the last reparse.
+START and END mark the current to-be-propertized region."
+  (treesit--pre-redisplay)
+  (let ((new-start treesit--syntax-propertize-start))
+    (if (and new-start (< new-start start))
+        (progn
+          (setq treesit--syntax-propertize-start nil)
+          (cons new-start end))
+      nil)))
 ;;; Indent
 (define-error 'treesit-indent-error
@@ -2392,7 +2458,11 @@ before calling this function."
     (dolist (parser (treesit-parser-list))
-       parser #'treesit--font-lock-notifier)))
+       parser #'treesit--font-lock-notifier))
+    (add-hook 'pre-redisplay-functions #'treesit--pre-redisplay 0 t))
+  ;; Syntax
+  (add-hook 'syntax-propertize-extend-region-functions
+            #'treesit--pre-syntax-ppss 0 t)
   ;; Indent.
   (when treesit-simple-indent-rules
     (setq-local treesit-simple-indent-rules

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