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Re: bug#60936: 30.0.50; ERC >5.5: Add erc-fill style based on visual-lin

From: J.P.
Subject: Re: bug#60936: 30.0.50; ERC >5.5: Add erc-fill style based on visual-line-mode
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2023 07:07:44 -0700
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"J.P." <jp@neverwas.me> writes:

> These changes introduced a(t least one) bug. To reproduce, call
> `erc-display-line' with a list of buffers, and notice only the first
> sees its message inserted with the correct text properties. A quick way
> to simulate this is by having two clients join the same two channels
> and then having one quit. The expected text props will be missing from
> one of the inserted
>   *** someuser (n!~u@h) has quit
> messages. Verify by going to the first asterisk and doing C-u C-x =.
> Fix forthcoming.

The second of the attached patches should hopefully do the trick.

Attachment: 0001-Try-waiting-for-assertion-in-erc-scenarios-log.patch
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Attachment: 0002-5.6-Restore-missing-metadata-props-in-erc-display-li.patch
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