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Re: [PATCH] org-id: allow using parent's existing id in links to headlin

From: Rick Lupton
Subject: Re: [PATCH] org-id: allow using parent's existing id in links to headlines
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2023 13:23:59 +0000
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I can’t see this patch listed at https://tracker.orgmode.org/ so just wanted to 
check it hasn’t got lost?


On Sun, 19 Nov 2023, at 3:21 PM, Rick Lupton wrote:
> Here's an updated patch, which adds (optional) search strings to ID 
> links, and the option to inherit ID targets from parent headline / the 
> top level file properties.  I've also updated ORG-NEWS and the manual, 
> and added tests.
> I think I've fixed all the issues with my first patch about which 
> headline gets used for the description when inheriting IDs, what 
> happens if there is no ID, etc.
>> Ideally, we should have all the necessary logic to store the link within 
>> `org-id-store-link' and then use `org-link-set-parameters' to configure id 
>> links.
>> ...
>> I think that we need to make a change in the rules for :store functions. 
>> `interactive?' may be passed as the argument to these functions.
> I've also moved the org-id specific logic from `org-store-link` to 
> `org-id-store-link`, and added the `interactive?` argument to link 
> store functions as discussed.
>>> So my question is: should search strings be added to all org-id links?
>> Sounds as a reasonable default, but users should have an option to revert to 
>> previous behaviour with heading id being stored.
> The default value for the new option `org-id-link-use-context` is `t`, 
> but it can be set to `nil` (or disabled with a prefix argument to 
> `org-store-link` temporarily).  This is a change in default behaviour 
> when storing ID links with point at a subheading, named block, or 
> target, or with an active region.
> The option `org-id-link-consider-parent-id` I've left with a default 
> value of `nil`, since I'm not sure if everyone will want this behaviour.
> Thanks
> Rick
> Attachments:
> * 0001-org-id.el-Extend-links-with-search-strings-inherit-p.patch

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