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OrgMode Agenda empty if one of files is missing

From: Ali M.
Subject: OrgMode Agenda empty if one of files is missing
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2023 18:33:17 -0500

Hi ,

If a file added on my agenda list is deleted, Org Mode Agenda list comes back empty

for example my org agenda have two files
   '("c:/dev/projects/one/one.org"  "c:/dev/projects/two/two.org"  ))

Now I deleted folder two , so the folder  c:/dev/projects/two/ and its content is also deleted

Now when I try C-ca and select any of the option to list my scheduled todos 
I get an empty *Org Agenda* buffer 

Removing the deleted folder from my org-agenda-files, fixes the issue

I think the Agenda buffer should still show me the todo items from the available files, and maybe just warn me about the delete file, or at least show nothing, but warn me about the issue 


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