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Re: Syncing orgcard.tex with upstream Emacs (was: bug#64578: orgcard.tex

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: Syncing orgcard.tex with upstream Emacs (was: bug#64578: orgcard.tex fixes to allow PDF rendering to be used as a triptych.)
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 22:14:43 -0500

Ihor Radchenko writes:

> I see now. I guess I did not really have a full understanding of the
> purpose of emacs-sync. So, it might be helpful to add a similar
> explanation to worg/org-maintenance.org.

Okay, I'll plan to do that.

>> I don't see what problem it solves.  It's moving the divergence to a
>> different file (that would still be tracked in emacs-sync), and it adds
>> one more Org-specific wrinkle to the Emacs tree.  (Also, the orgcard
>> source would still be different given the upstream hunk in the diff I
>> posted in my last message.)
> My idea was not to sync that another extra file at all and leave it in
> Emacs repo only.

I see.  Not that it matters given what you say below, but I would
probably lean toward keeping track of such a file in emacs-sync.

> But the same will not work for xml and other diverging
> files. I now don't see any reason to change the existing state of affairs.

All right, thanks for your input.  I'll try to improve
worg/org-maintenance.org as discussed.

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