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Re: [FR] Allow flattened imenu index (was: [PATCH] Add new option 'org-i

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [FR] Allow flattened imenu index (was: [PATCH] Add new option 'org-imenu-flatten')
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2023 11:39:33 +0000

Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> writes:

>> I am wondering if it makes more sense to add this "flatten" option
>> globally into imenu instead.
> I'm not sure I understand what you are asking.  As we don't seem to
> have an active maintainer of imenu on board, more details are needed
> to understand the request.  Of course, patches are even more welcome.

Normally, `imenu' supports nested menus, when users select the target
location in steps, like item3 <RET> -> item3.1 <RET> -> ...

What is proposed is to list all the sub-menus together, as an option, so
that the users can choose, for example, item.3.1 directly, without going
through parent item3.

> Also, should this be a new bug report? the one mentioned in the CC is
> already closed and archived.

Maybe. I was just not sure how I can create a new bug report, while
still replying to Org mode feature request.

Ihor Radchenko // yantar92,
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