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Re: strange error exporting to ascii

From: William Denton
Subject: Re: strange error exporting to ascii
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2023 16:06:44 +0000

On Thursday, December 21st, 2023 at 10:44, Fraga, Eric <e.fraga@ucl.ac.uk> 

> So, long story short, I try to export the original document to ascii and
> I get an error related to citations. Having seen some updates to
> exporting citations on the list over the past few weeks, I figured I
> should upgrade org to the latest version. Now exporting to LaTeX still
> works just fine but exporting to ascii still does not work (with the
> same error: see backtrace-ascii.txt attached) and exporting to ODT now
> no longer works (see backtrace-odt.txt).

I've been doing a lot of exporting to various formats lately, testing out basic 
and CSL citations, and ran into a few bugs but not what you're showing.  And 
nothing about ODT was touched, IIRC. Could you try narrowing down to citations 
only, and commenting out one by one until it works?  


William Denton
Librarian, artist and licensed private investigator.
Toronto, Canada

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