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Re: [PATCH] ob-C.el compile-only header argument, was Re: How to use mpi

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ob-C.el compile-only header argument, was Re: How to use mpirun with C or C++ Org-babel?
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2023 12:20:41 +0000

Leo Butler <Leo.Butler@umanitoba.ca> writes:

>> What will happen if we have something like :results value or :results
>> output instead of :results file link?
> Originally, I felt that only ":results file" makes sense. I have adopted
> your suggestion, though, and added test cases so that the compiler
> stderr output is caught.

Thanks! This makes sense, but now the default behaviour (when no :results
type is specified) is unexpected.

When you have something like

#+begin_src C :compile-only t :file foo :includes "stdio.h"
printf("This is test");

, executing should yield file link, even though it is not explicitly

And when you have compilation error,

#+begin_src C :compile-only t :file foo :includes "stdio.h"
printf("This is test")

the result may be empty - buffer displayed by `org-babel-eval' is
probably enough.

Basically, Org babel promises DWIM behavior when :results type is not
explicitly stated.

P.S. In my testing, I wrote

#+begin_src C :compile-only t :file foo :includes "stdio.h"
(printf "This is test")

and was staring at the compilation error for a good minute, trying to
understand what the hell did I do wrongly 🤦.

Ihor Radchenko // yantar92,
Org mode contributor,
Learn more about Org mode at <https://orgmode.org/>.
Support Org development at <https://liberapay.com/org-mode>,
or support my work at <https://liberapay.com/yantar92>

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