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How can I use org-add-note with emacsclient?

From: equal . moon0346
Subject: How can I use org-add-note with emacsclient?
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2023 03:50:29 +0000
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Hello Org mode users,

I'm trying to figure out how to start a note (C-c C-z) on the currently clocked 
task from emacsclient. Here's what I have so far:

Start Emacs:

emacs --fg-daemon=test -Q -nw --eval "(setq-default org-agenda-files 

Connect to the daemon in a different terminal, load the agenda:

emacsclient -s test -nw --eval '(org-agenda nil "a")' 

^ In this frame I'll also clock in to some heading with I in the agenda. Then I 
close the terminal.

In another terminal, try to start a new note on the currently clocked task:

emacsclient -s test -nw --eval '(progn (org-clock-goto) (org-add-note))'

This seems to have no effect. Oddly, if I paste this into M-:, it works fine. 
I've tried a number of things with e.g. plain capture templates that run the 
above code :after-finalize, using call-interactively, etc. After a cursory 
reading through the info manual on interactivity I find I'm still a bit lost. 
Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong and hopefully point me to the right 
manual page to read on this?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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